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Top 25 from 2010: (6-10)

As we pause for our summer break, we thought it would be to see what you, the readers, have liked so far this year. Over 1.8 million of you have visited the site in the last 6 months. We compiled a list of the top 25 stories you've liked the most in 2010:

  1. Futuristic Skyscraper Concept Design
    A young Polish architecture firm, mode:lina, has designed a sexy and futuristic concept for a skyscraper integrated with wind turbines. The design is titled “GESTERBINE” and was mode:lina’s submission to the eVolo Skyscraper Competition...While the images shared here are more ‘renderiffic’ than plausible, the overall conceptual design is an example of a design engaging with ideas necessary to net-zero design, and doing so with a 21st century aesthetic...

  2. Imagining a Carbon Neutral Seattle: A Collection of Ideas
    by Sarah Kuck
    When I think about carbon neutrality, I think not only about the massive challenges it presents, but also about how different and better it could make our lives. From my vantage point I see that there are several areas that will change greatly once we start taking on this challenge. This will be a huge exploration, not all roads will lead to success, but it's important to keep imagining what the future of cities and the economy will look like...Let’s imagine 10 moments of an average day that might be different in a carbon neutral city. The following are a collection of ideas, from my point of view. They are a thought explorations in how I think carbon neutrality will benefit cities and the people who live there. Even if your city has not announced carbon neutrality as a goal, you too can think about just how different your city would be in a bright green future...

  3. Resilience and Ruggedness: Why Faster, Bigger and More Complex May Be Better by Alex Steffen
    ...some things about the way resilience is being defined, framed and envisioned in some of discussions strike me as veering from the helpful. While I don't have time to offer a full-blown set of alternative solution-approaches, I thought a few ideas might be useful...

  4. Deep Walkability by Alex Steffen
    Walkability is clearly critical to bright green cities. You can't advocate for car-free or car-sharing lives if people need cars to get around, and the enticement to walk is key to making density wonderful, to providing realistic transit options, to making smaller greener homes compelling and to growing the kind of digitally-suffused walksheds that post-ownership ideas seem to demand. So knowing how to define "walkable" is important...That said, I'm skeptical of most measurements of walkability...

  5. Seeing Past the BP Spill by Alex Steffen
    ...oil spills are far from the worst environmental disasters we've unleashed and are in the process of unleashing through the routine operation of our economy as currently designed. Climate change will over the next century almost certainly prove far more destructive to the natural systems and human communities of the Gulf than any oil spill ever could, and that's a problem the Deepwater rig would have worsened if it had worked perfectly, as part of its successful operation. And, as we've mentioned here before, climate change is only the largest problem in a set of interconnected problems that stem from transgressing our planetary boundaries, problems that include massive extinctions, marine deadzones, desertification, and ocean acidification. The entire living fabric of our planet is being shredded, and human communities irreparably harmed, by the systems that deliver our prosperity...The key word here is systems...

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You definately captured the top stories we all are following or have seen.

Posted by: lyndas9254 on 8 Jul 10

This is pretty amazing for a civilization hundred years ago was using clay and sediments to build houses. Watching the environment change in front of our eyes that will affect the children of our children. Truly life changing events in the world

Posted by: John Marston on 8 Jul 10

The two that stand out to me are the BP oil spill and the walkability of cities. I can't imagine what you are going through in the Gulf there being from Australia. We have had our top soil stripped and desertification from years of poor agricultural methods. If more people played golf, they would be more used to walking lol.
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Posted by: Peter Croker on 9 Jul 10

I thought Imagining a Carbon Neutral Seattle: A Collection of Ideas should have been #1, but I'm biased because I also think Sarah is the best :-)

College Football Polls

Posted by: Tim on 11 Jul 10

Your stories are great. Thanks for posting those I might have missed.

Posted by: Kelly Chen on 12 Jul 10

Now I have stories for my report. Not too current, not too old and very interesting. Thanks.

Posted by: John Goodham on 15 Jul 10

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