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The Top Five Stories from 2010, So Far

As we pause for our summer break, we thought it would fun be to see what you, the readers, have liked so far this year. Over 1.8 million of you have visited the site in the last 6 months and we've compiled a list of the top 25 stories you've liked the most. Here are the top five:

  1. Bill Gates: the Most Important Climate Speech of the Year by Alex Steffen don't have to believe that Gates has superhuman powers of prediction to know that his predictions have enormous power. People who will never listen to Al Gore, much to less someone like me, hang on Gates' every utterance...And Friday, Gates predicted extraordinary climate action: zero. Not small steps, not incremental progress, not doing less bad: zero. In fact, he stood in front of a slide with nothing but the planet Earth and the number zero. That moment was the most important thing that has happened at TED...What, exactly, did he say, and why is it so important?

  2. Reimagining Scrap Metal: Dr. Evermor's Forevertron
    Dr. Evermor's Forevertron: best steampunk sculpture EVER. Yes, ever. Including all the great stuff at Burning Man. This guy wins. You've just never seen it, because it's in semi-rural Wisconsin (here). It's also the biggest scrap-metal sculpture in the world, so he wins the stuff-recycled-into-art prize, too...

  3. Putting the Future Back in the Room by Alex Steffen
    The dark, unknowable future has been turned into a weapon against action in the present...The irony is, we already have the ability to solve or at least address the planet's most pressing problems. We don't have every solution we'll need, not yet. We do, though, have the technological capabilities, the design genius, the scientific ingenuity, the entrepreneurial zeal, the policy acumen, the community-building skill, and the educational and cultural wisdom. It is not that we are not capable of sustainable prosperity. We have never had more or better ability to build a better world. What we seem to lack is a belief that we can actually use those powers to change anything, and we lack that belief precisely because the future has been ripped out of our cultural debate...That's why if we care about the planet, the most important thing we can do is start showing how good a future we still can have. That's why, right now, optimism is a political act, and a radical one at that...I think, what we need today, is mass movement planetary futurism.

  4. Internet Freedom: Beyond Circumvention by Ethan Zuckerman
    I strongly believe that we need strong, anonymized and useable censorship circumvention tools. But I also believe that we need lots more than censorship circumvention tools, and I fear that both funders and technologists may overfocus on this one particular aspect of internet freedom at the expense of other avenues. I wonder whether we’re looking closely enough at the fundamental limitations of circumvention as a strategy and asking ourselves what we’re hoping internet freedom will do for users in closed societies...So here’s a provocation: We can’t circumvent our way around internet censorship...

  5. They Unpaved Paradise and Put Up a Park by Sarah Kuck
    As we continue to make cars less important to our society, what will we do with all the space?

For the rest of the top 25 stories of 2010 so far, see the links below:

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I especially like the story by Ethan Zuckerman, "Internet Freedom" Beyond Circumvention". Great job, Ethan.

Posted by: Jimmy on 10 Jul 10

I love your latest stories, I liked Bill gates speach story.
Thanks. I like reading yours.

Posted by: naruto episodes on 11 Jul 10

I found the Gates speech to be particularly good. I feel that corporate executives like Gates realize that by taking an environmental stand and calling for higher standards, they can do much more than any politician could ever do.

Mountain Communities

Posted by: Hubert Miles on 11 Jul 10

What does zero really mean? An end or a beginning?
About Me

Posted by: Frank Yu on 11 Jul 10

It is difficult not totake anything seriously if it has come out of Bill Gates's mouth. It is knowing about future trends that has enabled him to be in the position today.

I for one will always pay careful attention to anything that Gates has to say

Posted by: Caroline on 12 Jul 10

I'm inclined to think that we are in a geological cycle where temperature is rising. Whether "man" is contributing adversely is debatable. OK, it is not improving the situation but should we be spending more cash on combating the effects of global warming (rather than prevention)?

Posted by: Howie on 12 Jul 10

Your right! the top five stories so far. I the topic "Internet Freedom: Beyond Circumvention ", especially the Clinton’s speech on Internet Freedom.

Posted by: Andrew Miller on 15 Jul 10

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