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Curbing Emissions with BRT, Leading with Clean Energy, and Bringing Information and Communication Tools to Remote Areas

Looking back one, two and five years ago today on Worldchanging:

Making Buses Cool Again
Joe Romm looks at bus rapid transit (BRT) as a solution to curbing "the world’s emissions—from industry as well as transportation—without preventing poor countries from developing and lifting their people out of poverty"...

Al Gore, Clean Energy and A Better Nation
Although Alex Steffen normally tries "to think in planetary terms and avoid parochial nationalism," he writes that "today a global perspective actually leads me to believe that what happens in America over the next 18 months is the most important global uncertainty we face." He introduces and discusses Al Gore's speech, which shows what an American determined to lead would look like...

Jamais Cascio reports on Iveneo, a San Francisco-based non-profit organization that is bringing information and communication tools to remote villages in the developing world...

Other recent "look backs":
July 16
July 19
July 20

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I don't think anybody understands how we can pull up next to a city bus and practically choke on emitted fumes, especially when emissions controls have been in effect for quite some time now. So I salute the effort to control BRT emissions!

...and I have also been to China, both coal burning energy districts as well as new cities that popped up seemingly overnight - I'm elated to hear they are working toward cleaner transit systems as well. Maybe the white protective face masks will be a thing of the past someday!

Posted by: Saul on 21 Jul 10

This BRT thing is cool to think about but also how is it the only groundbreaking thing that happened a year ago today? Buses have beeen and will continue to be used in developing countries to transport their peoples, in fact it will also remain a consistant figure in developed countries- heck to go there, buses are in fact created and opperated to do just that- move people. Nice brilliant yet unique idea.

Posted by: California Solar Engineering on 22 Jul 10

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