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Zero Series: Michelle Kaufmann's New Zero-Energy Prefab Homes
Amanda Reed, 4 Aug 10

Architect Michelle Kaufmann has launched a new set of prefab, zero-energy home designs called the "Zero Series." Worldchanging considers Kaufmann a friend -- we've also covered her work before (see stories on her Glidehouse here and here; a story on ultra-green prefab design and her Sunset Breezehouse design here; and here for information on her mkLotus design) -- so we were happy to see this story on her new designs in Inhabitat today:

Called the Zero Series, the elegant line is made to be zero energy (hence the name) and is all about "designing big rather than building big." In addition to being able to generate as much energy as they consume, the bright, airy spaces filled with ample windows bring the outdoors in and squeeze out every last drop of potential that a build site itself has to offer.

The line consists of three new models, the Ridge0™, the Vista0™ and the Contours0™, which range in size between 422sf and 2643sf. The Contours0™ and the Vista0™ have interior and exterior rooms designed to maximize natural ventilation and daylight through large windows, glass doors and skylights. The Ridge0™ uses the Passivhaus principles of good insulation, southern orientation with shading, efficient windows and frames, an air-tight building envelope, energy star appliances and lighting, and passive preheating of fresh air to minimize demand for heating and cooling. The homes also incorporate solar power systems, rain catchment systems and gray water systems.

The Zero Series also incorporates 5 eco principles and green materials and systems and are designed to be LEED certified. And if you prefer, they can even be customized to obtain other green home certifications like Build it Green, NAHB Green Building Standard, or your local green rating program. The new prefab homes are available exclusively through Studio 101 Designs and built by Blazer Industries. Prices begin at $66,500.

Some images of the designs appear below. For more, visit Inhabitat.

Renderings of Ridge0 series by Michelle Kaufmann Studio (via)

Renderings of Contours0 series by Michelle Kaufmann Studio (via)

Renderings of Vista0 series by Michelle Kaufmann Studio (via)

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