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Resource: New Mobile App to Combat Climate Skeptics
Amanda Reed, 6 Aug 10

Ever wish you had all the top climate information at your fingertips? If you're the owner of a smart phone, then your wish has been fulfilled: the "Skeptical Science" app for iphones, Android phones, and Nokia phones is available now (for free!).

Screenshot of the iphone app. The app lets you browse arguments via the Top 10 most used arguments as well as 3 main categories ("It's not happening", "It's not us", "It's not bad"). (via)

The app's creator, physicist John Cook of, describes the app:

The app looks at many arguments from climate skeptics and identifies a common pattern – that skeptics focus on small pieces of the puzzle while neglecting the full body of evidence...[it] aims to give you the full picture, with all the evidence, scientific context and links to peer-reviewed research. It has another useful function – users can send me reports on which skeptical arguments they encounter.

Thanks to Cook, and the app developers, smart phone users now have a terrific resource "that puts the science at your fingertips, along with the most commonly used arguments by the disinformers and doubters and how to answer them." (via Climate Progress)

Shine Technologies developed both the iphone and Android apps; and Jean-François Barsoum created the Nokia app using the Ovi App Wizard.

To download the app for your

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I've been thinking of upgrading to an Android...

Posted by: Tony Fisk on 8 Aug 10

I have not seen anything on the internet where an alarmist beats a sceptic hands down. What assurances can you give base on the lack of evividence we are struggling with at the moment?

Posted by: neovo on 8 Aug 10

Any chance this is coming for

Posted by: James Gustafson on 16 Aug 10

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