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FOUR YEARS.GO. - A New Campaign to Shift the Trends of Humanity
Amanda Reed, 1 Sep 10

The time to act on climate change is now. In that light, a new campaign called FOUR YEARS.GO. has been started to inspire action towards a more environmentally sustainable and socially just planet in the next four years. As they say in their introductory video (see below), the campaign is not a new organization, rather it is a new goal for every organization and for every person to work together in a short amount of time for a better future. Their mantra? "The next four years will determine our planet's next 1,000." So GO!

The campaign is still in its infancy, but it's powerhouse creative team, led by Wieden+Kennedy, the minds behind Nike's "Just Do It" campaign and Lance Armstrong's "Live Strong" yellow bracelet campaign, should help the campaign gain a wider audience and develop more tools for facilitating action. If you'd like to pledge your support, share your stories, or read other people's actions, click here.

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Its time for the entire world to work together for the betterment of our universe. Let's face reality the entire world is in crisis. Let's hope for the next generation to be free from the global crisis.

Posted by: Charrize Helmmet on 2 Sep 10

Let's act for the next generation to be free from global crises. What do I need to do?

Posted by: Brad on 2 Sep 10

This message is positive and uplifting. I want to roll up my sleeves. Thank you.

Posted by: Juliette Reilly on 11 Sep 10

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