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Subverting the LiDAR Landscape: An Artistic Exploration
Amanda Reed, 10 Sep 10

Subverted scan of London by Matthew Shaw | (via we make money not art)

Worldchanging correspondent Regine Debatty has a post up at we make money not art about a cool project on display at Constructing Realities, an exhibition showcasing the best work from the Postgraduate Certificate Course in Advanced Architectural Research at the Bartlett School of Architecture. The project is called "Subverting the LiDAR Landscape: Tactics of Spatial Redefinition for a Digitally Empowered Population" and is by Matthew Shaw. Regine describes it as:

...a speculative project which questions the way we interact with digital and physical versions of our cities.

The project is based around LiDAR technology - 3D scanning but on a city scale. Google Earth and Streetview have now become people's most trusted tool for exploring and researching urban space. Moreover, the tools are now taken as virtual fact by a global internet population. They will soon be replaced by intricate 3D modeled versions of our cities derived from mobile 3D scanning units - LiDAR equipped vehicles.

Matthew Shaw's project aims to subvert this mapping, by arming the population with the tools to edit the way their city is scanned and recorded. These tools are not digital hacks but physical interventions. They manipulate the scanning process and act as waypoints and markers linking the physical world to the digital.

The project's exploration of and speculation on architectural space, technology, mapping, and citizen participation struck me as something Worldchanging readers might be interested in...For more images and to read the artist's description of the project visit Regine's blog.

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