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Design Like You Give a Damn + Preservation and Climate Change
Amanda Reed, 15 Sep 10

It looks like New York City is the place to be come October 15 and 16. Two very interesting conferences are happening:

I. Design Like You Give a Damn: LIVE! You have world changing ideas. Learn how to build them.

Architecture for Humanity is organizing this two-day showcase of innovative design and one-on-one workshops at the Center for Architecture in New York City. According to the event website, the intention of the event is to help architects learn skills they didn't get taught in school about community development:

Architects are designing in the communities they live in around the world. Though they bring technical expertise to the work, they often lack community development skills that are important to effecting change on the ground. Now is the time to begin training architects to become community developers and leaders. At Design Like You Give a Damn: LIVE! we will share the tools and knowledge needed to bring architects to the decision-making table.

You can view the full agenda and register here. You can also nominate a project you think improves the lives of others for Architecture for Humanity's sister project, Design Like You Give a Damn 2.

II. Conference on Preservation and Climate Change in New York City

The Municipal Art Society of New York is hosting this conference at Columbia University to explore how preservation can be integrated into New York City's climate change, green building and sustainability agendas, and how old buildings can contribute to a sustainable future.

You can view the full agenda here and register here. A video trailer for the conference appears below:

I don't know how one could choose between these two events; both agendas look so good. It is very exciting to see that so much conversation is happening around these important topics.

As always, if any of our readers out there plan to attend one of these events, we would love to receive your "Reader Report" about your experience. Please contact me at if you're interested in covering one of these conferences.

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