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Clinton Global Initiative 2010 Annual Meeting
Amanda Reed, 21 Sep 10

This week I'm attending the 2010 Annual Meeting of the Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) in New York City. (For more on CGI's history, meaning and vision, I recommend this excellent interview with Director of Commitments for CGI, Marilia Bezerra, over at the Huffington Post.) The four main topic areas, or "Action Areas," that will be discussed over the next three days are:

  • Empowering Girls and Women
  • Strengthening Market-Based Solutions
  • Enhancing Access to Modern Technology
  • Harnessing Human Potential

It will be very exciting to hear about what projects are being undertaken in all of these areas, as well as what new projects get announced this week.

Last night, in advance of the official opening plenary, I was lucky enough to attend a private blogger meeting with President Clinton in which he reflected on what he called our "fact free world." As he shared a number of surprising facts about U.S. unemployment he lamented that nobody was talking about them in the media or in conversation, which of course has made responding to the facts difficult. This sentiment really resonated with me as the lack of widespread factual reporting on climate change and systemic challenges is something we talk about at Worldchanging a lot. One solution, and again, what we try to do at Worldchanging, is, as President Clinton said, "to paint a picture for people." He really called on the bloggers at the table to share important stories with he world, and to do so in interesting ways that fight the general "anger, apathy and amnesia" of much discourse. Sound advice!

I'll see what I can do.

(Image of blogger meeting courtesy of CGI)

Please check back all week for more of my updates from CGI. The agenda is chock full of amazing panels and speeches, so I'm going to try and cram a lot in to share with you all. Stay tuned!

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