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Future City: A Great Celebration and Conversation
Amanda Reed, 8 Oct 10

"Future City" logo designed by Rocketday

"Organizations like Worldchanging provide the infrastructure for advocacy." -Mayor Sam Adams

Our "Future City" event last Friday night was a huge success! Over 200 people came to support Worldchanging and hear Alex lead a conversation with the Mayors from Portland, Ore. and Seattle, Wash. about the future of cities, and the political challenges to building intensive carbon neutral development in cities now.

Thank you to all of our guests at Future City for joining us in a fabulous evening of conversation, debate and celebration. Your support of Worldchanging makes it possible for us to continue spreading the word on global solutions and the changes we need to make now to create the future we want to live in. We hope you enjoyed the program and we hope to see you again next year as the conversation continues.

For those of you that did not attend, but are interested in viewing the proceedings, please stay tuned. The whole program was filmed by Seattle Event Video and should be up online next week. We'll post a notice as soon as it is available. In the meantime, if you're on Twitter, you can read the live tweets our social media intern My Tam made throughout the mayors' discussion by searching for the hash tag #WCFC10.

We'd like to take this opportunity to thank all of the people and companies that helped make this event a success. A huge amount of recognition is due to our Development Manager Lilah Steece who in just four months pulled together our events planning committee, a troupe of volunteers, and secured all of our monetary and in-kind sponsorships (all of our sponsors are listed below and pictured at right). We want to also thank Brady Forrest for chairing our board events committee; Morgan Greenseth for designing all the interior decorations; Clayton Hibbert for consulting on event design; Jessica Hagy for 'indexing' the event; Eva Luna for loaning us her kick-ass flower sculptures for the evening; and of course, the mayors, Sam Adams and Mike McGinn for anchoring the program. Also, a very special thanks to our esteemed ally Denis Hayes, CEO and President of the Bullitt Foundation, for articulating his support for the work of Worldchanging in the best, most inspiring 'ask' we've ever heard.

Thank you to our sponsors:
* Herban Feast
* Willie Green’s Organic Farm
* Alden Farms
* Essential Baking Company
* Theo Chocolate

* Fremont Brewing Company
* Terra Blanca Winery & Estate Vineyard
* Stewardship Partners
* Jones Soda Co.

Professional Services:
* Hotel Ändra
* Seattle Event Video
* Earica Brown Photography
* Bamboo Beats
* The Vera Project
* Rocket Day

Corporate Sponsors:
* Vulcan
* Ecotrust


For a glimpse into the festivities, please scroll down and view the photos taken by Earica Brown Photography.


(A PDF of the program can be downloaded here)

Setting up the space at 415 Westlake

Guests at their tables with the "Future City" slideshow running in the background.

Another view of the beautiful space at 415 Westlake.

Centerpieces and table linens designed by Morgan Greenseth.

Centerpiece by Morgan Greenseth shows a city skyline emerging from a city map, and were made from reclaimed wood scraps and re-purposed city bicycle maps.

Kevin MacDonald reconfigures his centerpiece. Kevin also did a lot of the metal work on Eva Luna's "Flowerz" sculptures.

Chandeliers made from recycled plastic bottles by Morgan Greenseth. "Flowerz" sculptures by Eva Luna.

Delicious food prepared by Herban Feast.


Our Board President Stephanie Pure opened the program.

Executive Editor Alex Steffen talked about the future of cities and our increasingly urban global environment before introducing the mayors. One popular question he put to the mayors was: "What are you working on today that people 40 years from now will be thankful you did?"

From left to right: Mayor Sam Adams, Mayor Mike McGinn, and Executive Editor Alex Steffen.

Mayor Mike McGinn. One quote from the night: "You'd think that you would be able to win any argument by saying that we could 'lose the entire planet', but it turns out you can't."

Mayor Sam Adams. One quote from the night: "The closest thing to a panacea is education. That's what I want my legacy to be."

Denis Hayes, President and CEO of the Bullitt Foundation, did an amazing 'ask' for Worldchanging and said we were a "vital, underfunded part of the planet." Thank you Denis!!!


From left to right: Lilah Steece (Development Manager), Alex Steffen (Executive Editor), Amanda Reed (Managing Editor), and Stephanie Pure (Board President)

Volunteer Jennifer Zane and Worldchanging Intern My Tam Nguyen at the registration table. Thanks for all your help ladies! (My Tam also live tweeted at the event with the hash tag: #WCFC10)

Volunteer Isabel Moreira (at left) helped spearhead the registration and check-in process. Thank you Isabel!

From left to right: Volunteer Seth Geiser, Soni Strandell (Willie Greens staff), and Volunteer Mike Pickford. Thank you for helping with set-up, clean-up and coat check!


From left to right: Janet Galore (Board Member), Rob Harrison (Board Member), and Norma Straw.

Board members and sweethearts Serena Batten and Brady Forrest. Brady also served as the Event Committee Chair for this event -- thank you for all your work!

Board members Paul Fleming and Rob Harrison.

Board member Cal McAllister with his wife Amanda.

Morgan Greenseth (our interior design volunteer extraordinaire) with board member Fiona Cox.

Board member Oscar Murillo (center) with Raj Thiagarajan and Lisa Mueller. Oscar helped us design a slideshow on the future of cities for the event. Thank you!

Board member Mark Duff (left) talks to Pete Erickson from the Stockholm Environment Institute.

Board President Stephanie Pure and Brice Maryman.


Eva Luna, the artist who created and provided the beautiful "Flowerz" sculptures, is pictured here with the red hair. Thank you for your support Eva! Clayton Hibbert, who was a design consultant for the event, is pictured at left next to Eva. Thank you too Clayton! Eva and Clayton are joined by Erika Harris and Kevin MacDonald.

From left to right: Journalist Jonathan Hiskes of Grist, Architect and Board Member Rob Harrison, and Seattle City Council President Richard Conlin.

Thank you Ramez Naam (at right) for all your support and enthusiasm!

From left to right: Jason Twill (Director of Sustainability at Vulcan Inc.), guest, and Heather Johnson.

From left to right: Jeni Krencicki-Barcelos and Jennifer Marlow (of Three Degrees), and Kyra Davis.

Marlow and Jodavid Harris with Mayor Sam Adams.

For more photos, please visit the gallery at Earica Brown Photography. If you can identify a guest with no name in a caption above, please contact me at and I'll update the post!

Thanks again for all of your support and we hope to see you on November 3 at Seattle's Town Hall for Alex's talk on "The State of the Future."

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