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Alex Steffen on Carbon Neutral Cities at Seattle Town Hall

In just a few weeks Alex Steffen will be returning to Seattle's Town Hall to give a talk on the "State of the Future," and present his new ideas about global sustainability and planetary futurism. In the coming week we will have more details about this event. In the meantime, we thought it would be worth re-posting Alex's two talks from last year's Town Hall engagement (see embedded videos below).

Over the course of two nights Alex explored why the planetary crisis we now face demands a new vision of sustainable prosperity and how cities are the key to making that vision a reality. Cities all around the world can help make this happen, but Alex specifically addressed Seattle and suggested that the city target city-wide carbon neutrality by 2030. Nothing less is good enough.

Along the way, Alex discussed a wide variety of new solutions and approaches which could make a bright green, carbon-neutral city a real possibility, now. From clean technology to the street as platform, smart grids to smart growth, attention philanthropy to parallel collaboration, these talks offer a window into what's next in sustainable cities, urban innovation, business and government. If you haven't had a chance to watch these talks before, then we hope posting them below gives you a chance to enjoy them now!

Thank you to the Bullitt Foundation for their support in producing these videos!

Night One: Building a Planet with a Future
Introduction by Seattle City Council President Richard Conlin

Download for iPhone/iPod

Night Two: Seattle's Bright Green Moment
Introduction by Seattle Mayor-Elect Mike McGinn

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(If you'd like to book Alex to speak at your conference, meeting or school, you can arrange for that with the Lavin Agency.)

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