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Help Promote the New Worldchanging Book
WC-Office, 2 Mar 11

It's been seven years in the making, but the new Worldchanging book is finally here. Now we need your help this week getting this young book on its feet.

Not only do initial sales often determine how other booksellers treat the book (spurring bookstores to put the book in more visible locations, for instance), but initial buzz about a book is vital to reaching the audience of people out there who would really love this book, but have never heard of it. Here are several things you can do today to help:

1. Get and enjoy the book itself! Discover new solutions, explore new ideas, let the brilliance of the world-changing people it covers inspire you.

2. Please tweet the book this week, if you can.

3. If you teach, please consider sharing the book and/or articles from (which are creative commons-licensed) w/ your class.

4. If you belong to a book club, please consider making Worldchanging 2.0 a book you discuss (there’s lots to talk about inside!)

5. There’s no Kindle edition yet. You can help the publisher see the need for an ebook by telling them you want one on the book’s Amazon page.

6. Please spread the word about the new book directly, by blogging it, mentioning it on Facebook, and recommending it to friends.

7. Please visit your favorite online booksellers and “like” the book, review it, and so on: help others decide that it’s a book they want to own.

8. Please visit or phone your favorite bookstore and ask them to stock the book.

9. Most obviously, please buy a copy! It’s available now in the US, Canada and the UK.

Thanks in advance for your support!

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