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The New Worldchanging Is Coming
Cameron Sinclair, 26 Oct 11

After a long hiatus we are coming back.

In September my organization, Architecture for Humanity acquired Worldchanging and all its assets. Starting in November we will begin to merge this site with Open Architecture Network to create a robust and informed network to bring solutions to global challenges to life. Post merger we will retain the Worldchanging name.

By combining the two sites we can evolve into a robust center for applied innovation and sustainable development. The combined strength of these communities, both created out of the TED Prize, will help spur innovation, learning, and best practices.

The new site, which will be managed by an independent entity, will include project management tools, offer case studies on innovative solutions and provide tools for aid and development organizations evaluate their programs in the field.

Over the summer, Architecture for Humanity met with over sixty writers, contributors, stakeholders and supporters to envision the transition of these sites. Many of the original writers to Worldchanging, including co-founders Jamais Cascio and Alex Steffen, have signed up to contribute to the new site.

We look forward to a bright green future together and we look forward to you rejoining the conversation. See you next month.

Support for the rebirth of Worldchanging
As we announced the acquisition we were inundated with emails of support.

"Last decade was about imagining the solutions that could help us meet big planetary problems. This decade will be all about putting those solutions to work. This exciting new version of Worldchanging is set, I believe, to become the online epicenter of applied innovation."
Alex Steffen, Worldchanging co-founder and former Executive Editor

“Worldchanging has helped frame the global conversation on sustainability over the past seven years, and we couldn’t be more excited for Architecture for Humanity to take the reins and continue to push the boundaries of what we can achieve together. I can't imagine Worldchanging being in better hands.”
Jamais Cascio, Worldchanging co-founder

"Congratulations Architecture of Humanity and Worldchanging. This is big news for both organizations."
Former Vice President Al Gore

Have thoughts, suggestions or ideas for the new Worldchanging? Please add them in the comments below.

About the Acquisition
In November of 2010, Worldchanging announced it was taking steps to close its doors and dissolve as a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. Since then, the Board of Directors has been working hard to find a new future for the site. As with the dissolution of all 501(c)3s, the Board is required to transfer the assets of Worldchanging, including this website, to another like-minded organization. The Board committed to finding a new home for all the valuable essays, stories, and learning accumulated through the seven years of Worldchanging’s efforts so they could continue to be a catalyst for future discussions and information sharing on how we can build a bright green future.

The Worldchanging Board of Directors embarked on a formal Request for Proposal (RFP) selection process and found Architecture for Humanity to be the ideal match in terms of mission, vision, impact, and importantly, the organizational and technological capacity to run a program such as Worldchanging. Architecture for Humanity presented the most compelling of vision and was selected by the Board of Directors.

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