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Happy New Year, Worldchangers!

Energy Leapfrogging in Morocco

Radio, Radio

Hotel Rwanda

The America I Wish We'd Been This Week

Fighting Malaria: Nets or Drugs?

Morquendi: The Dark Elf

Disaster-Secure Design

The Architecture for Humanity/WorldChanging Tsunami Reconstruction Appeal

Earthquake Info

Debt Foregiveness for Tsunami Victim Countries

Tsunami Warning Tracker

Reforming Humanitarian Relief

Tsunami's Effects: Man, And The Sea

Restoring Mangroves

Rohit and Dina on The World

Beyond Relief

Satellite Before-and-After

Asteroids, Tsunamis, and Knowing When To Shout

Indian Numbering System

Charity efficiency and transparency ratings

What if there were a tsunami and nobody knew?

The Tsunami Next Time

"How Do I Volunteer as an International Relief Worker in Southeast Asia?"


Time for Thought and Analysis

Eyewitness Accounts of the Disaster

"Scientists in USA saw tsunami coming"

Asia Earthquake and Tsunamis: Blogs a platform to make a difference

Reconstruction Fund Update

Tsunami Summary, Day Two

Covering the Asian Tsunami: Will U.S. News Media Do It Right?

"The Biggest Disaster Relief Effort The World Has Ever Seen"

AfH/ Worldchanging Reconstruction Fund -- Please Consider a Donation

Tsunami in Southeast Asia: A Summary Report

Tsunami Animation and Information

Worldchanging responses to the Tsunami Disasters

Wikipedia on the Disaster

True Films 1.0

Surviving the Tidal Wave - A First-Hand Report


Kanyakumari Collaborates

Tsunamis in Asia - The Morning After

Peace Art Project Cambodia

Words Without Borders


Itgel and the Future of Mongolian Reindeer Herding

Sumatra Earthquake: largest in 40 years, thousands feared dead

The Week in Green Vehicles

The Cochrane Collaboration: Distributed Evidence Analysis

The Week in Sustainable Business

The Great Warming and The Greening of the Reinsurance Industry

The History of the Media, from 2014

Blogging News

Feedback loops for Fish

"A Green Future Rises From the Sea"

More on German Green Energy

Sustainable Solutions Caravan

More of the Green Latticework

Is the Moment Right to Reinvent Environmentalism?

IDFuel On Sustainable Design

Voyage Into Space

Dale Carrico on the Trouble with Transhumanism

Bogotá and "Cities of Joy"

The Indian Environment 20 Years After Bhopal

The Henya Stove - a Kenyan Solution for a Global Problem

We'd like to thank the Academy, and our Mothers -- We Won an Utne!

Alternative Energy in Germany

Finland: The World's Best School System?

Thomas P.M. Barnett: The Worldchanging Interview

Valmiki's Ramayana in Comics

Metal Rubber

Neural Interfaces

Building to Benefit the Muslim World

Arabization - It's Harder than just Right to Left

Lab for Social Computing

Fashion Bags With Green Integrity

Solar Robots as Ecological Monitors

Grass as a Canvas

Global Voices Online: Hearing One Another is Worldchanging

Connecting the Dots

Energy Leapfrogging

FCX Street Legal

More Holiday Greenery

The Week In Green Design

The Week In Green Vehicles

Chorus Motors partners with Boeing

Worldchanging Holidays

Solar Powered Water Purification

Next Generation Design Competition

Give My Creation... LIFE!

Another story on popular solar

"Adaptability has its limits" -- the Inuits' Right to Existence

Why Leapfrogging Matters

How Do We Know That CO2 Increases Come From Human Activity?

Hybrids and the Future

Rendering DC Irrelevant

Digital Divide Network

Charitable Commerce is Trendy

More Flexible Solar

The Material Future

Want To Use Hydrogen Now?

Stratellites for Wi-Fi

Rural Computing in Peru

Leapfrog 101

Real Climate vs. Fiction Author

Rapid Prototyping Directly in Metal

Personal Fabbing for Pros

The Latest on Brazil

What Will It Take To Make Solar Competitive? Nanotech. And Seven Cents.

Access to Green Design

Mobile Phones for Homebrew Sensors

Profile of California's Emission-Fighting Legislator

"Winning a War for the Disconnected"

DNA Bar Coding

Improvements in Organic Photovoltaics

Lessons From Leapfrog Biotech

WiFi Ambient Device

Ideas 2004


The Week in Green Cars

The Ingenuity Project: Fueling and Feeding the Future

Welcome, Hassan!

This Week in Green Design

Green Power Can Cost the Same as Non-Green

Manifesto for a Better Global Conversation

The Yes Men, Dow Chemical and Bhopal

Sustainability at Harvard

Global Voices Online

Investing in Food, Insuring Against Famine

Fab Art

Middle of the Road Isn't The Safest Place To Be

Real Climate

Digital Green Ribbon Campaign to Save Darfur

Updates on Artificial Life

"Geo-Tourism": The New Eco-Tourism

Beyond Microcredit, Part II

Military Diesel Hybrids in Testing

Maathai's Prize Links Environment to Peace

Diesel vs. Hybrid vs. Gasoline

Personal Fabrication by EMail

A Return to the Age of Sail?

Documenting Street Art

Space age humanitarians

Honda's Number One

Fixing The Power Grid

UN -- bigger, bolder, less corrupt?

New Models of Advocacy, Part XXVII

Venture Capitalists Embrace Open Source Software

Cuba: Biotech Powerhouse


Biodegradable Plastic

HSBC -- The First Green Bank?

Hydrogen 101

Ammannet and the Future of Radio

The Week In Green Cars

People Power

Sustainable Food

Europe and Wind

The Media Company I Want to Work For

Is There Really A Climate Change Consensus?

Martian Park Service

Leapfrog Rumors

"Thank You" interactive artworks


Tackling AIDS and Building Goals in Rural South Africa

Want $5,000 Towards Buying a 45+ MPG Car?

Nanotech and Peak Oil

Event-Based Risk Analysis and Global Warming

More De-Mining Goodness: Rats

Born Into Brothels scoops 2 more documentary awards

Mine Wolf

Missing the Hybrid Moment?

Municipal Emergency Textmobbing

Details on the grid

Carbon Markets Underway

The Rise of Green Building

A Conversation with Dr. James Hughes (part 3 of 3)

We Win One!

Blogging in Iran and China

Green Building in China

India's first e-literate district

Welcome Dina!

A Conversation with Dr. James Hughes (part 2 of 3)

Wired on the Second Superpower

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