News & Views Round-Up, January 2007

Tales of the Self-Sufficient City

Ron Deibert on the History and Future of Psiphon

The Week in Carbon

"Hot Rocks" for Home Energy

SPFW Graphic Campaign: Inicie um Movimento

Unconventions and the Toronto Transit Camp

Jeff Christian and the Zero-Energy House

Letter from Davos - Day 4

Going Carbon Neutral at Sao Paulo Fashion Week

Interview: Worldchanging investor Mark Shorrock

"We Are Winning!"

Regulating Nanotechnology and Designing the NGOs of the Future

Ecological Fabrics at Sao Paulo Fashion Week

ValueWiki: A new tool for collaborative investment research

Architecture 2030: An Interview with Ed Mazria

Curitiba's Ex-Mayor Prescribes "Urban Acupuncture"

The Week in Sustainable Mobility (1/28/07)

Why Craft is Worldchanging

Capitalism 3.0: Planning a Big Upgrade

LA River Tour: History, Context and Conclusions

Growing More Farmers

Sustainability in Practice

Nomad: How to Start a Green Café

Can PC environments be green?

Majora Carter and Sustainable South Bronx

Letter from Davos – Day Two

Climate Challenge Game

Letter from Davos, Day 1

Real-time Energy Feedback Technology

Ory Interviews Mama Mike's Founder

The Ripple Effect and the Water Crisis

Understanding Extinction


Letter from Zurich, Day 3

Ethan Zuckerman in New Scientist

Worldchanging on the Radio

WC in Conscious Choice

The 59 Smartest Orgs Online - Vote for Worldchanging!

Letter from Zurich, Day 2

Tools for Understanding Poverty

Base of the Pyramid Spoofed by The Onion

The Future is Climate Neutral

One Laptop Per Child: Just what sort of content do you load onto these puppies?

Letter from Zurich, Day 1

Interview with Idealab

Acoustic Ecology and the Extinction of Silence

The Week in Sustainable Mobility (1/21/07)

Cameron Sinclair in Sunday Styles

LA River Tours

Local Energy, Local Opportunities


Earth & Sky - Radio for the Human World

Stock Exchange of Visions

Multi-Family, Affordable, Urban and Green

Integration Proclamation

Transforming Philanthropy

Veja Fair Trade EcoSneaks

Trash to Treasure

Sustainable Development: Jubilee Wharf, UK

Stefan Sagmeister on Designing the Worldchanging Book

Ten Democracy Projects in Seventy Minutes

Big Bang

2010 Imperative Global Teach-In

5 Things

Massive Change and the City

Local Online Organizing

Eat What You Want, Pay What You Can

In Honor of a True Worldchanger


The Week in Sustainable Mobility

Slowing Down

Commuter Rail vs. Population Density

Interview with Kevin Danaher of the Global Citizen Center

Environment Northeast's Climate Change Roadmap

Hear Alex on KEXP

Heavy Discussions about New Media

U.S. Homeowners Can Now "Rent" Solar Panels and Save Money

Vanity + Sanity: What Would a "100-Mile Wardrobe" Look Like?

The Applet of my Eye

Worldwatch: Our Urban Future

I choo-choose you.

Pie Ranch

Mighty Trees Ecological Card Game Review

Uncovering the (Sky)Truth About Wyoming’s Gas Fields

Last Day for 2007 Bloggie Nominations!

Good For Environment Ecodesign Platform and Lifecycle Assessment Tool

The Man Who Mistook a Concrete Pillar for a Global Threat

Unpacking Linden’s “Open Source? Announcement

The Detroit Auto Show: Where Did the Green Go?

Interview with Art Orienté objet

New Podcast: Worldchanging at the Commonwealth Club

GM Introduces Electric Vehicle System

The Week in Sustainable Mobility

The Green Mayor

Organic produce, delivered to your doorstep

Interview with Melinda Kramer of Women's Global Green Action Network

Travis County - Home to one of AIA’s Top Ten Green Projects for 2006

Mass Transit and the Emerging Front Range Megalopolis

New Year's Resolutions: A Letter a Week Campaign

New Year's Resolutions: Clean Up the Clutter

Meet the World Flag Campaign

Quinn Norton on Body Hacking at 23c3

Joichi Ito on World of Warcraft

Ten Stories You May Have Missed

Growing Greener Prefab

Interview with Paul Gipe, Wind Energy Pioneer

Urban Kids Books - A Mom's Top Picks

Vertical Gardens: The Organic Wallpaper

Freedom of Information: You Have Chydenius To Thank for That

For the Worms: Vermiculture in Brooklyn

Starving in Africa

Ending the Small Arms Trade

Design Notes From the Field: Metal Cases

The Week in Sustainable Mobility