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Humanitarian Response Index: What Could $93.8 Billion Extra a Year Do to End Poverty?

Hyper-Miling Hybrid Highway Challenge

Japan for Sustainability

Adaptation to Climate Change and the Future of the IPCC

News and Views -- November 30, 2007

Emerging Technology 2008

Can Solving Global Warming Save Our Economy?

The Happening Web in China is Version 1.0

Are Pedicabs a Bottom of the Pyramid Business Model?

Green Computing Update, Part 4: Computers As Green Tools

Mindful Eating Crusader To Take Top US Nutrition Post

News and Views -- November 29, 2007

Australia's New PM Will Ratify Kyoto Protocol

The Business of the Social Graph

Corn Ethanol and the Great Dust Bowl

Removing Our Kids from the Front Lines of Climate Change

News and Views -- November 28, 2007

Building Equity Into Green Homes

Kevin Rudd, Australia's New Prime Minister

News and Views -- November 27, 2007

China's Air Quality and the Olympics

Miss Landmine

News and Views -- November 26, 2007

Review: EnergyJoule Power Use Monitor Tracks Peaks and Lows

Worldchanging as a Holiday Gift

Making Things Talk: Practical Methods for Connecting Physical Objects

Worldwatch Perspective: Rebuilding Food Security is Essential in Wake of Natural Disasters

"Smooth Sailing" in Shipping Creates Environmental, Health, and Security Risks

Clean Energy's Best-Kept Secret: Waste Heat Recovery

Empowering Patients With Information Technology

Eat Organic! Eat Local! Eat...What?

The Environmental Facet of Online Consumerism

Gorgeous CFLs ISO Manufacturer

News and Views -- November 23, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving!

News and Views -- November 22, 2007

Do Roads Pay for Themselves? No -- But They Could

News and Views -- November 21, 2007

So Long, Reference Man!

Meet Me in Grand Rapids

Green Computing Update, Part 3: Whole Machines

The IPCC Report: The New World War Two

Chocolate Can Save the Planet -- Hurrah!

Deadlines Approaching on Two Opportunities for Social Entrepreneurs

News and Views -- November 20, 2007

CDM Grows Up (But What Next?)

California's Lesson for A Low-Carbon Future

News and Views -- November 19, 2007

Clean Energy CARMA: Which Nations Have the Most?

Pambazuka News: Freedom of Expression in Africa --

Regine DeBatty on Natalie Jeremijenko

Coal Creates Legacy for China's Past, Future

Bahrain Propels Wind Energy to Urban Future

Sat. Nov. 17: Clinton, Edwards, Kucinich Discuss Climate Policy

The Eco-Friendly, Net Zero Energy Potato Chip

Green Computing Update, Part 2: Components

Eating Local During the Dark Days of Winter

Complacency Management

The Carbon Footprint of That Glass of Vino

Picnic'07 Video Online

Clean Green Clothes Hangers

Changing The World, One (Sim)City At A Time

Avoid Cancer, Lose Weight, Look Great, Attract a Mate, Be Happy ... and Stop Global Warming

News and Views -- November 15, 2007

Discuss: Where to Study Environmental Sciences

The Predatory Lending Association

Smaller Batteries Mean Better Mobiles...and Electric Bicycles

New Zealand: Energywise Awards Highlight Innovation

Top Two U.S. Carshare Firms Announce Merger

Europe Moves to Regulate Aircraft Emissions

News and Views -- November 14, 2007

Dangerous Beauty: Taming Toxics in Everyday Cosmetics

Australia Grapples With Climate Crisis

A Maverick’s “Ecological Civilization” Goes Mainstream

News and Views -- November 13, 2007

Alex & WorldChanging on CNN's "Just Imagine"

Raising the Bar on Green Business

News and Views -- November 12, 2007

Green Building in Small Town America

Networks for Change

Secret Gardens: Making City Blocks Green to the Core

That ZENN Moment

Newthinking and Sustainable IT in Berlin

Couchsurfing the Zeitgeist

Pambazuka News: Blogging Africa

Costa Rica and New Zealand on Path to Carbon Neutrality

Scotland Reduces Bus Fares for Passengers Who Supply Cooking Oil

Want Better Transit? Unionize!

News and Views -- November 9, 2007

A Rating System for Sustainable Landscaping

From State-Based Sovereignty Towards Bright Green Governance

Turtles As Bioindicators of Mercury Pollution

Is There a Third Way to Think About Low-Cost Cars?

Make Oceans Less Acidic to Speed Carbon Uptake

Stopping Violence, Treating Students and Freeing Doctors

The Footprint Chronicles, Grey Matters

News and Views -- November 7, 2007

Green Parenting Web Site: Good or No?

In Seattle, Roads and Climate Get Hitched

Leapfrogging to Ecotourism in India?

Green Computing Update, Part 1: Data Centers

News and Views -- November 7, 2007

Blogging the Pakistan Emergency

How to Win

Google's Open Social: An Opportunity for Personal Data Portability

Counting the Origin of Organics

News and Views -- November 6, 2007

Insurers Can Have A Constructive Role in Fighting Global Warming

News and Views -- November 5, 2007

Bill Clinton's Seattle Climate Speech

Book Review -- Spacecraft: Fleeting Architecture and Hideouts

Germany Leads Way on Renewables, Sets 45% Target by 2030

More Cars or More Transportation Alternatives: What Will the World Choose?

Teams to Race in Carbon-Neutral Road Rally

Russian Independent Radio Podcasts Names of 1937's Dead

Something's Missing From Games for Change

Happy Birthday, Prius!

News and Views -- November 2, 2007

A Code of Ethics for Sustainability Professionals

The Happiness Gap and the Future

Mexico City Metrobus Is Clearing Air, Traffic

Agriculture for your iPod

Worldchanging One of PC Magazine's 'Favorite 100 Blogs'

Solar-Powered ICT Centers in India

Envisioning the Future of Ecology, Politics and Consciousness

News and Views Headlines, October 2007

News and Views -- November 1, 2007

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