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"The really important kind of freedom involves attention..."

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Sweden Prepares to Lead EU on Climate

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Major Survey Finds Overwhelming Public Support for Action on Global Warming and Clean Energy

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U.N. Raises “Low” Population Projection for 2050

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Obama Tells Business Roundtable: “If You’re Giving Away Carbon Permits For Free … It Doesn’t Work” And “The Science Is Overwhelming”

Looking at a Stimulus Package

In Hard Times, Public Places are More Important Than Ever

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Discovering to Recover: The Age of Species Discovery and the Sixth Extinction

Trade Concerns Raised in U.S. Climate Debate

Six Ways to Save the World: Scientists Compile List of Climate Change Clinchers

Politics and New Media, or “Should I Really Tweetspam Congress?”

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Transportation Subsidies Round-Up: Replacing the Gas Tax, Breaking Down the Arguments, and Making Transit Free

U.S. Secretary Alludes to Major Changes for Nation's Agricultural System

Local Agriculture: Healthy on its Own Terms

Alliance Formed to Limit Invasive Species

UN Climate Chief: US Carbon Cuts Could Spark 'Revolution'

Obama Picks Van Jones to be Green Jobs Adviser

White House to Science: Welcome Back

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Ponzi 2: What Year Will Coastal Property Values Crash?

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Crisálidas, Mental Landscapes in Transformation

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100 months to Act on Climate, Warns Charles

“Avoided Deforestation” Plan Gains Support

Hip-hop and electoral politics: Democracy in Dakar

The Great Disruption and the Need for Meaning

The Intergenerational Ponzi Scheme

Locavolts or Super Grids? Where to Source Clean Energy?

Financial Leaders Call for Adaptation Resources

Ik R.I.P. Asks 'What Will Happen to Your Digital Remains' at Mediamatic Amsterdam

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Food Deserts and Delivery: Discussions from the Pacific Northwest

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The Latest on Climate Science, Solutions, and Politics Jack Bauer becomes first-ever carbon-neutral torturer as Rupert Murdoch says “Climate change poses clear, catastrophic threats”

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Community as Technology

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Energy Company Brings District Heating to North American Community

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Conflict, Fair Trade Label Boost Sales of Palestinian Produced Olive Oil

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