Headlines from Worldchanging Canada (August 2009)

Japan's Yukio Hatoyama and Climate Change

The Lessons of Katrina: Global Warming Adaptation is a Cruel Euphemism and Prevention is Far, Far Cheaper

Why Bicycles Are a Must-Have for Modern Civil Disobedience

Now That’s What I Call a Neckdown!

Science on the Risks of Climate Engineering: Optimism About a Geoengineered Easy Way Out Should Be Tempered by Examination of Currently Observed Climate Changes

Solar Power from Space: Moving Beyond Science Fiction

BIKE-O-RAMA: A Roundup of the Best in New Bikes, Bike Infrastructure, Blogs, Books and More

Ideas to Roll With: Bike-Related Innovations We'd Like to See Flourish

Bike-frastructure 101: Sharrows, Street Parking, Superhighways and More

Bicycle Reading List: Of Books and Blogs

New Bikes (bling!)

Agroforestry Found On Nearly Half The World’s Farms

Wanted: Cool Roofs For Hot-And-Bothered Town

The Case Against Organic Food Does Not Stand Up

Videos Of Chu, (Bill) Clinton, Gore, Pickens, Reid, Van Jones, Villaraigosa, Wirth, And Zoi At The National Clean Energy Summit 2.0

Turning Charcoal Into Carbon Gold

In Defense of High-Speed Rail

Enhancing Our National Security By Reducing Oil Dependence And Environmental Damage

Money (And Jobs) On The Table

Summer of Solutions 2009

Pret-a-Rouler? Paris to Launch Electric-Vehicle Sharing Program

China Will Sign Global Treaty If U.S. Passes Climate Bill, E.U. Leader Says

See it Before it Disappears: Reconciling and Regulating Disaster Tourism

The Bioluminescent Metropolis

City of Fees And Services

Islay To Be Entirely Powered By Tides

Global Warming Is A Medical Emergency

Too Much Cash For Clunkers?

Climate Change Politics Floods Australian Parliament

Senator Edward M. Kennedy (D-MA), A Champion Of The Environment And Clean Energy, Dies At Age 77

Pachauri Supports Goal Limiting Atmospheric CO2 to 350 ppm

Fish Systems and Design

Even Fantasy-Filled American Petroleum Institute Study Finds No Significant Impact of Climate Bill on US Refining

The GSBI Video Blog, Part 3: Yugandhar Mandavkar from the State of Gujarat, India

My Fridge Could Power the World

Fighting Back, Several Senators Are Working to Strengthen the Climate and Clean Energy Bill

Transparency, Accountability and the "dot eco" Debate

Graphic Series: Earthly Ideas, White Roofs

VIDEO: Block Parties Bring Long-Term Neighborhood Benefits

A Global Climate Deal Must Be Simpler, Fairer, and More Flexible Than Kyoto

Efficiency Retrofitting in Northeast Seattle

Wanderlusting No. 3: Lego Power

U.S. Government Seeks To Limit Federal Energy Use

ReneSola Awarded £425m Contract To Build Solar Power Station In China

Eyes On The Street: Try A Bixi Bike On For Size At Union Square

The U.S. Health Care Debate, Simply Put: An Original Animated Short

World Water Week Ends

China's Growing Appetite for Climate Action

Australian Parliament Adopts 20 Percent Renewables Standard By 2020

What's Your Company's Water Footprint?

Wanderlusting No. 2: Livability

Ambitious Solar Project to Use Recycled City Wastewater

Worldchanging Essay: Creating Responsible Voluntourism

On Big Day for Bike-Share, Boston Mayor Envisions World Class Cycling City

Web Apps For Transpo Planning: Share Your Insights

VIDEO: Colbert Report Presents Primer On Climate Change

Get Ready To Participate: Crowdsourcing And Governance

Book Review - Experimental Geography: Radical Approaches to Landscape, Cartography, and Urbanism

Big Support for Senate Climate Action

The Golden Institute for Energy in Colorado

Walkable Neighborhoods Are Worth More

Wanderlusting No. 1: The Welcome Mat in Copenhagen

VIDEO: A New Sound

Steady at the Helm to Stop Carbon Freewheeling

The most crucial missing element in U.S. media coverage of climate change: The ethical duty to reduce GHG emissions

Vacation Matters

Sticker Shock: Walmart’s labeling scheme will be costly, but will it be effective? Two views.

Travel Matters: Paid Vacation Law & Sustainable Tourism

Obama’s Science Adviser Urges Leadership On Climate

Vacation Matters: Resources for Further Reading

The Truth About Green Business

Take Back Your Time


The Green Collar Economy

The Business and Human Rights Resource Centre

Resources from the Worldchanging Library

Worldchanging Resources: BUSINESS

Collaborative Services: How to Have More By Owning Less

Transmaterial 2: Tracking Emerging Sustainable Materials

Shopping Our Way to Safety

Basel Action Network

Antiques of the Future


Emerald City: An Environmental History of Seattle

Global Fund for Women: Advancing Human Rights

Gapminder: Interactive Graphics

Worldchanging Resources: STUFF

Worldchanging Resources: COMMUNITY

The Green Report Card: Rating University Policies and Programs

Nature's Benefits in Kenya: An Atlas of Ecosystems and Human Well-Being

VolunteerMatch: Helping Everyone Find a Place to Volunteer

Film: Democracy in Dakar

SERVEnet: Mobilizing the Volunteer Community

Rebel, Rebel: The Protestor's Handbook

Serviceleader.org: Virtual Volunteering

Idealist.org: The Interactive Site for Change Makers

The Open Society Institute

Netsquared: Connecting Nonprofits to Technology

Rising Voices’ Projects Propel Citizen Media

Biodiversity Hotspots: Certain Places Are Richer Than Others

The EDGE of Existence

Encyclopedia of Life: A Comprehensive Guide to the World's Species

OpenStreetMap: Collaboratively Mapping the World

The Atlas of Hidden Water

Atlas of the Real World

Under a Green Sky: Exploring the True Magnitude of the Climate Crisis

An Atlas of Radical Cartography

Verb Crisis: An Urban Transformation Boogazine

Blue Gold: The Fight to Stop the Corporate Theft of the World’s Water

Big Box Reuse: The Book

Deadmalls.com: Tracking Closings and Developments

ThetaNoon: Renewable Energy Calculator and Community

Rails to Trails Conservancy Transforms Old Rail Lines into Routes for Walking

Architecture 2030's 2030 Challenge

U.S. Green Building Council: Creating LEED Ratings and Better Informed Builders

ICLEI's STAR Community Index

ICLEI: Helping Communities Prevent and Deal with Global Climate Change

PlaceMatters: Cutting Edge Software for Community Planning

The Chinese Dream

Global Green

The Concrete Dragon

The Great Neighborhood Book

Energy and Global Warming News: World’s Poorest Women Set To Suffer Most From Climate Change; American Psychological Association Examines the Behavior Behind Climate Inaction

The Captain Ahab of Neighborhood Design

Controlling the Ranching Boom That Threatens the Amazon

New Yorkers to Create PreFab Parks for Park(ing) Day

Worldchanging Resources: POLITICS

Worldchanging Resources: PLANET

Worldchanging Resources: SHELTER

Worldchanging Resources: CITIES

Create Your Own Bike Lane, For Real

eSolar Launches First Solar Tower in US

No Impact Man (the movie): A Sneak Peek

Dead Pool -- Imagining the Future of the American Southwest

Proposal Toward Visual Eco-Criticism

Architecture for Humanity Joins Forces with Yéle Haiti

Portland’s Transport Research Guru Headed to Obama Administration

Indian Government Opens Climate Debate To Youth

Plane To Train: The Ultra-Fast Route To A Travel Revolution

Unscientific America 2: Buy The Book - And Read It

Use Your Body and Your Brain Will Thank You

Can We Give Fish a Chance?

The Four-Day Work Week Works

Solar Into Space

Hi Honey I'm Home – The New Hobby That's Creating A Buzz In Britain's Towns And Cities

The Struggle Over Local Media: An Interview With Eric Klinenberg (Part One)

Sorry, Out Of Gas: Architecture's Response To The 1973 Oil Crisis

South Korea, A ‘Developing’ Country, Embraces 2020 Emissions Cap, With Important Implications For A Global Deal In Copenhagen

Are You a Vegetarian, or Just Vegcurious?

Bloomberg Tests Free-Transit Waters

India Sets Out Ambitious Solar Power Plan To Be Paid For By Rich Nations

Shoe Brands Get Tough On Leather Suppliers To Save Amazon Rainforest

Free Parking Isn't Free

Ofgem Plans 'Smart Grid Cities' As It Gears Up To Go Green

Obama's Green Credentials Tested By Battle Against Mountaintop Mining

Separating Myth From Fact on “Cash for Clunkers”

Study Finds Rich U.S. Energy-Efficiency Potential

Island of Future Airships

First Comes Global Warming, Then An Evolutionary Explosion

Miliband Delivers Message To Forest Tribes Deep In The Amazon

Big Polluters Turn Tree Huggers

The Ruins of the Unsustainable: Searching For Answers to the Suburbs

For Kids’ Sake: Designing a Healthier Snack Cart

Graphic Series: Earthly Ideas, Wastewater Bioremediation