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Democrats Unveil Ambitious Draft Climate Change Bill To The US Senate

China And India Are Leading The Way. Yes, I'm Optimistic

More Corporations Are "Greening" Supply Chains

From Cope To Hope: Twitter To The Rescue?

Two Views of Density and Driving

Google Earth 3D Climate Change Simulator Unveiled - Starring Al Gore

Cruel Weather, Arab Middle East Film Festival

What If Climate Action Actually Accelerates Economic Growth?

‘Bacteria batteries’ For Energy Storage: Methane Technology Mimics Chemical Process Found in Marshes

A Sea Change: Imagine a World Without Fish - Ocean Acidification Film

"Changer Pour Durer:" Change To Endure

Planetary Boundaries and The Failure of Environmentalism

Worldchanging Interview: Paul Hawken

Friday Question: Failed Green Living Products?

Gonzo Green

Harvard Forum: ICT4D And, And, And…

Tweeting Plants

Book Review - Digital Fabrications: Architectural And Material Techniques

Clay Shirky and Accountability Journalism

World Leaders Spare Details at Climate Summit

Myth vs. Reality on International Climate Negotiations

Accountability Journalism and New Media Models

Letter from Copenhagen - Cities and Citizenship

The Advent of Smart, Green Cities in Asia and Europe Shows Leadership for Copenhagen Climate Agreement

Momentum Grows to Limit Climate-Warming Chemicals

Energy and Global Warming News for September 21st: Obama to shift focus as climate talks approach

Worldchanging Interview: Vinay Venkatraman on Interaction Design

The Backstory of Stuff: New Sites Enable More Transparency in the Supply Chain

Sunlight Foundation’s Ellen Miller at Transparent Text

Climate-Related Business Surges Past Aerospace and Defense Sectors

Companies Urge US Senate to Pass GHG Reduction Bill

The Secret To Preventing Fishery Decline: Stop Fishing So Much

If Obama Can't Defeat the Republican Headbangers, Our Planet is Doomed

Fighting For The Right To Bike To School

Heat-Resistant Forests Could Reverse Warming in the Sahara, Study Says

Will The Brixton Pound Buy A Brighter Future?

Radical Collaboration

(Un)Inhabitable? - Art of Extreme Environments

Iraq Approves Plan to Convert Rotting Dates to Bioethanol

Interior Launches Council to Monitor and Tackle Climate Change

A French Twist On GDP

Density, Suite Density

Graphic Series: Earthly Ideas, Obama and COP 15

New Scientist gets all Worldchanging

Where are New Green Cities and How Can They Curb Asian Greenhouse Gas Emissions?

Kenyas' First "Net Positive" Basketball Court

The French Carbon Tax Shift

Highways and Rapid Transit: Should They Go Together?

German Scientists Endorse a Global Carbon Bank

Offshore Wind Advocates Eye Collaboration on East Coast of U.S.

Defusing The Population Bomb

The Turkanas Of Kenya - Nomadic Herders In A Changing Climate

Stay Informed and Spread Solutions Fast with our Social Sites

Cars And Cycle Lanes - Too Close For Comfort

The Nauhaus: Out to Save the World

EPA Seeks Revocation Of Largest Mountaintop Coal Mine Permit

New York City Girds Itself for Heat and Rising Seas

New Grassroots Effort Unites Groups Fighting For A Clean Future

How Much Would Most People Pay For a Shorter Commute?

Note To Senate: Public Support For Energy Policy Is Strong

Huge Wind and Ocean Energy Project Planned for Offshore North Carolina

Worldchanging on the Road: Bright Green Youth

For The Love Of Water: H209 & The New Generation Competition

Tom Friedman, Our One-Party Democracy, And The Clean Energy Jobs Message

2009 Open Architecture Challenge: Winners Announced!

When Parking Spaces Are More Important Than Homes

San Francisco’s Foggy Sunday Streets 2009

Scientists Find Net Present Value of Climate Change Impacts of $1240 TRILLION on Current Emissions Path, Making Mitigation to Under 450 ppm a Must

The City Cycles

Waste Not, Watt Not: Energy Efficiency Cuts Pollution While Lowering Energy Bills--That's Why It's a Core Strategy of the Climate and Clean Energy Bill

Bianics Biotoilet: Just in Time

Japan’s Incoming Premier Vows Sharp CO2 Cuts — With Caveat

When the Global Ponzi Scheme Collapses, the Only Jobs Left Will Be Green

Worldchanging Interview: Jean Russell on Thrivability

Pumping Up the Grid: Key Step to Green Energy

Obama's Labor Day Speech: Health Care, the Economy, and Clean Energy

Germany Boosts Electric Vehicle Development

57 Million Chances to Get Housing Right

Measuring Life at the Base of the Pyramid

Revisiting The Question Of Corn Ethanol’s Carbon Footprint

Harvard Business Review and Yale e360 Hype Space Solar. Why?

Worldchanging Review: Doug Rushkoff on Life Inc.

Wanderlusting No. 4: Copenhagen Cycle Culture

Phoenix Commotion: Affordable Housing from Recyled Materials

More People, Less Driving: The Imperative Of Curbing Sprawl

Intercity Trains: How Good Do Connections Need To Be?

Sen. Cantwell (D-WA): U.S.-China Climate Deal Likely at Obama Visit, Senate Has “50-50 chance” of Passing Climate Bill This Year

New Resource: The Living Planet City

Imagine A World Without Fish

The Fate Of Times Square

Solar Panels To Boost Property Prices

Youtube in the Amazon: Rural Peru's Transition to the Internet

Influential U.K. Panel Outlines Possible Geo-engineering Ideas

Europe Cuts Emissions, Imposes Ban on Incandescent Bulbs

Is the U.S. consumption binge over? NYT reports "Sales of vegetable plants swelled fivefold in March over past years."

Worldchanging Update: Better Place Targets Tokyo Taxis

UN: Rich Countries Will Suffer Unless They Help Poor on Climate Change

Global Warming, California, and What a 1-Degree Temperature Increase Means for Wildfires

Social Capital Markets 2009: Investing at the Intersection of Public Good & Market Discipline

China Gradually Improves Environmental Transparency

California Proposes Auction to Boost Solar Energy

The Cruel Cost of Clunkers

Growth in Wind Power Gets Boost From Change in Subsidies

The Rights of Future Generations

The Beauty of 10:10 Is That It's Both Achievable and Meaningful

The Rhetoric Gap: Can Obama Give 'em Hell (and High Water) Before It's Too Late?

A Poor Measure of Poverty

New Innovation Makes Vaccines More Resilient

The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind

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