Design for Extreme Affordability: Driptech and ClickDiagnostics

The Game Changers Are Here: Radical Methods and Models that Align with Ecological Stewardship

Bye-Bye Rocketships, Phasing Out Coal, and Kidnapping in Kabul

Women’s Role in a Warming World

What if Carbon Dioxide Were as Black as Oil?

Women's Earth Alliance: International Development through Collaboration

Sepp Holzer: A Permaculture Worldchanger

Oakland Green Youth Media Arts Center: A Creative Empowerment Hub

WISER and ABD: Building Rural Retirement Incentives for Women

Retrofit Ramp-Up: The US DOE's Innovative Climate Action at the Local Level

Pockets of Architectural Freedom: A Resource Map for Finding Green Building Friendly Jurisdictions

Spreading the Malawi Miracle, Recognizing Real Green Heretics, and Finding Green Homes

Attention Philanthropy 2010

West Virginia Rx: A Grass-Roots Charitable Central Pharmacy

Mette te Velde: Coordinating Fun Live Events for the Environment at Strawberry Earth

Food Loop: A Design-Led Social Enterprise for Localized Composting

Khan Academy: Useful and Fun Online Learning

DMY International Design Festival Berlin: Making Good Design Accessible to Everyone

Fifth Ward Enrichment Project and Great Plains Restoration Council: Empowering People in Houston

Green Innovation, Cow Grass, and BGI

Dan Pitera and Detroit Design Collaborative: Rebuilding and Right-Sizing the Once Great City

Daily Dump: A Creative Commons Concept for Composting Worldwide

Peer Water Exchange: A Web-Based Platform for Global Water and Sanitation Projects

John Mighton and JUMP Math: Turning Math Class into a Tool for Social Justice

Aga Khan Award for Architecture Finalist: The Green School

EnlightenNext: Awakening and Connecting People to Global Sustainability

City Patterns and the Language of Pessimism versus Optimism

Make Your Own 2010 Attention Grant Here!

Sustainable Living and Socially-Conscious Shopping

Jeff Warren: Mapping the Oil Spill with Balloons and Kites

Any Sulistyowati and KaiL: Grassroots Worldchanging in Indonesia

Dx1W Competition: Third World Solutions to First World Problems Facilitating the Struggle Against Oppression in the Middle East and North Africa

Ingrid Fetell and the Aesthetics of Joy

PROGRESS: Teaching Women and Girls Negotiation Skills

Creative Spaces for Schools: Teton Valley Community School Case Study

Car Culture, B Corporations, and Star Power

Toward Sustainable Travel: Breaking the Flying Addiction

The Case for Accessory Dwelling Units

Get Fresh Detroit: University of Michigan Students Address the Food Crisis

Commissioning: In Pursuit of the Truly Green Building

Green Buildings, Greenwashing, and Portable Energy and Drinkable Water

Rapid Re(f)use: Promoting Debate About Waste

Retrofitting Neighborhoods: Creating Maximum Efficiency at the Neighborhood Scale

An Algae Comic and Resources for Watersheds and Climate Change Impacts

ZEROPrize Winners Showcase Re-Skinning as Energy Efficient Facelifts for Buildings

Link Roundup: Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill

Urban Green: The Mountain Dwellings by Bjarke Ingels Group

Japan's Top Runner Program

Attention Designers & Filmmakers: Two New Competitions Announced

LED Love: Good Market Forecast, Bulbs for the Home, and Architectural Applications

BACSAC's Mobile Gardens: Another Solution for Apartment-Bound Gardeners

The Polyglot Internet and Hummer Hating Websites

The Anthropocene Debate: Marking Humanity’s Impact

Freiburg: A Model of Sustainability

Let's Share: The Growth of Peer-to-Peer Product-Service Systems

Positive Outlooks for Solar Power, Community Design, and the Environment

Living Future 2010: James Howard Kunstler

Living Future 2010: Bill Reed on Regenerative Design

Living Future 2010: Energy Code Overhaul

Living Future 2010: Designing Regenerative Food Systems

Living Future 2010: Pecha Kucha

Living Future 2010: A Collection of Highlights from the unConference

The Pavegen: Harvesting the Power of Footsteps

Point/Counterpoint: Despair, Complacency, and Hard Work

US Climate Bill: The Good, Bad and Boring Details

Cul-de-Sacs! Greening your Business! The Blob!

City Repair: (re)Building the Cities We Want

The Latest in E-Waste Recycling: e-Steward Certification

The Public Commons and China x2

Improving the Health of the BoP: Africa Health Fund and Advance Market Commitments

Bursting in Bhutan: A Small Country Adapts to Global Warming

The Bachat Lamp Yojana Project: Lighting India's Future with CFLs and Carbon Credits

Underwater Kites: A New Way to Harness Tidal Energy

Climate Trauma, Oil Prices, and Mixing Renewables

Stockholm Seminars, Myanmar Coastal Management, and Tango Cars

Worldchanger in Brazil: Jose Alano and DIY Solar Water Heaters

Covenant of Mayors: 500 EU Mayors Pledge to Cut CO2 20% by 2020

Brookings Report: “Bright Flight” Transforming Cities and Suburbs

Climate Change and the Integrity of Science: 255 National Academy of Sciences Members Defend Climate Science Integrity

Female Farmers Overcome Barriers to Feed Africa

Tribal Land Rights, The Economics of Happiness, and Epidemio

Interview with Ellen Mosley-Thompson: Unlocking Secrets from the Ice In a Rapidly Warming Region

Holistic Sustainability, A Picture of Spending, and Koyaanisqatsi

What Makes It Green? Awards: Conversations on Sustainable Design

Policy and Place, Water for the BoP, and Cleaning Up Ghostnets

Preparing for an Ice-Free Arctic: Part 3 - Charting Political Waters

Larry Brilliant on the World's 5 Biggest Threats and their Common Denominators

Toxic Legacies, a Book of Seven Wonders, and Participatory Panopticons

The Battle Against Malaria: Turning Away From DDT To Greener Weapons

One Acre Fund: Uplifting East Africa’s Rural Smallholder Farmers

Preparing for an Ice-Free Arctic: Part 2 - The Commercial Lure of Melting Ice

Farm in a Box, Eco Labels, and SEED