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Blimps for Freight on the Way!

A Plurilateral Climate Agreement: We Need to Recognize Our Humanity Over Our Nationality and Show Some Guts!

Planetary Boundaries, a Successful Top-Down Policy, and the Concept of Inclusive Wealth

Geoengineering Books

Microalgae for Cleaning Coal and the 12 Principles of Green Chemistry

Living Infra-Glacially in an Imaginary Antarctic Metropolis

The Emergence of a Biosphere Economy

Counting Greenhouse Gases, Stabilizing at 350ppm, and Citizen Broadcasting

How to Power the Energy Innovation Lifecycle

A Climate-Neutral China

Movie Review: Human Footprint

Renewable Energy, Sustainable Development in Africa, and Bioprospecting

Developments in Energy for the BoP: From PlayMade's Energee-Saw to the Pot in Pot Cooler

Airspace Activism: Compelling New Art and an Interview with Nelly Ben Hayoun and Dr. Alison J. Williams

'Mangal City': A Mangrove Inspired Skyscraper Design by Team Chimera

We Need Bold Public Innovation, Values-Based Approaches to Sustainability, and Phytoplankton

Paper Industry is Waking Up to the Size of its Water Footprint

Design for Digital Inclusion, a Geekalicious Greenhouse Gas Graphic, and the Fallen Fruit Project

3 World Water Wins

A Carbon Counting Billboard and an Introduction to Physical Computing

Two New Studies on Density and Driving

IPBES – A New Assessment of Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services

Interview with Yvo de Boer: Optimism from the UN's Outgoing Chief Climate Negotiator

From Working Less to Playing with DNA

A New, Bold Plan for a Carbon-Neutral UK by 2030

Growing Zimbabwean Resilience: The Strength of Traditional Food Crops

Closing Health Care Gaps with Simple Tech, Proving Walking is Best, and Wishing for Moon Power

Energy Headlines: Exciting Developments Around the World

OneBusAway: An Open Source Tool for Finding a Bus Fast

Enclosing Silence, Studying Resilient Salmon, and Sharing Inventions

MIT's IDEAS Global Challenge: Launching an Incubator for BoP Innovation

Seeing Past the BP Spill

Post-Ownership Living Tech Support, Dismantling Clean Coal, and Learning from the Tsunami

Apologies for Pause in Blog Posting: Holding a Retreat

Remember Small Businesses, Plan for Both Peak Oil and Climate Change, and Listen to Bruce Sterling

Post-Auto Uses for Lithium Car Batteries Improving

BP Oil Spill Crisis Reveals Past/Present 'Short-Termism' and Future Opportunities

Engineering, Art, and Globes

Lighting Africa: Outstanding Products and Distribution Issues

Sebastien Ramirez's Windscreen Greenhouse: Scrap Recovery over Recycling

Electricity (Feed)back: "Kill A Watt" and "Inlet-Outlet"

A Recycling Village, How to Build a Village, and Shadow Cities

Growing Biking in America: Look to Immigrants and Sushi?

Tiny Homes, Foldable Furniture, Walkable Futures and Our Brains on Time

Human Power at Home, on the Go, and at Play

Innovation in Wireless Light Monitoring to Slash Energy Use from Office Lights

From Muck to Riches: Waste-Chain Innovation in India

Concrete Cartoon, Geoengineering, and Leapfrog Lighting

2010 Goldman Environment Prize Winner Humberto Ríos Labrada Leads Cuba to Organic Revolution

HABITAR: Explorations of Emerging Scenarios in the City

Travel and the Built Environment: A New Source of Data on How Land Use Affects Transportation Choices

Parking, Common Sense, and Seeds

Buses, Kegs, and Cranes: Visions of Radical Reuse from Architect Aristide Antonas

Resilient Tech: Michael Yon on Gobar Gas

FreakAngels and SEA-LABS

New Emissions Measurements Show "Green" Consumerism Failing

Raspberries, Pears and Chocolate: A Fresh Understanding of the Bee Crisis

Systemic Solutions for Toxic Threats to Babies and Mothers

Two Calls for Change in Product Design

Roundup: The Economics of Ecosystems and Biodiversity

Rural Center of Excellence: Closing a Gap in the Health Care System in Tanzania

Acara Challenge 2010: Eight Social Business Ideas

Skunkworks, Ninjas, and Space

Life-Cycle Study: Burials

Incredible Edible: Supporting Food Independence in Todmorden, England

Trashy Bags: Cleaning Up Ghana's Streets and Creating Jobs

Community Food and Art that Explores Privacy

David Benqué's "Fabulous Fabbers" Project: Imagining New Industry in Future Cities

A Green Chemistry Primer: "Benign by Design"

Global Voices: Love and Money

What Do You Think the Defining Infrastructure Project of the 21st Century Will Be?

BoP Opportunities in China

Solar Sisters: The Avon Lady of African Renewables

Cities of the Future and Climate Lawsuits

UNEP's Green Economy Initiative Report Makes the Case for Sustainable Fisheries

The Remix Project: An Arts + Cultural Incubator in Toronto

More Bikes and Less Oil

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