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Future City: Seattle on the Threshold

Connecting Delta Cities

Reader Report: Seattle’s First Designers Accord Town Hall

DUMBO Underwater: Artist Visualizes New York City Under Water

SMAVNET: Flying Robots for Disaster Relief

Future City: Seattle vs. Portland

Cooperation Law for a Sharing Economy

Clean Energy Market Emerges for India’s Rural Poor

Book Review: Container Atlas - A Practical Guide to Container Architecture

"Real Men Don't Buy Girls": Using Technology to Stop Child Sex Trafficking

The Problem with Self-Organizing Traffic Lights

Global Warming Aids and Frustrates Archaeologists

What Are Species Worth?: Putting a Price on Biodiversity

The Redistricting Game: Your Chance to Gerrymander a Congressional District

Keep Up to Date with Worldchanging

Next-Generation Biennials

ParkSpark: Artist Turns Dog Poop into Power

Defending PACE's Financial Magic (video)

Future City: Portland & Networked Urban Sustainability

Passive Houses in America and Canada

Sustainability Speaker, Alex Steffen

Clinton Global Initiative 2010 - Day 2: Strengthening Market-Based Solutions

Preservation and Sustainability: The District Approach

Shelter Centre: Transitional Shelter Standards + Conceptual Designs

Gates at CGI 2010: Action Now Is the Best Deal Around!

The Past of Nuclear Weapons

The Marial Bai Secondary School in Southern Sudan: A CGI Commitment Progress Report from Valentino Achak Deng

Clinton Global Initiative 2010: Commitments on Empowering Women

Green Roofs in Rotterdam: Studies, Plans, Outreach, and Reducing Flood Risks

Clinton Global Initiative 2010: Life in the Press Room and More Coverage

"If you don’t have scale, you have a hobby."

Clinton Global Initiative 2010 - Day 1: Empowering Women

Bright Green Cities Speaker, Alex Steffen

The Most Important Political Battle of the Year: No on Proposition 23

Interaction Design, Cap and Trade, and Biodiesel

Pavlovsk: New Hope for Efforts to Save Vavilov's Priceless Plant Legacy

Clinton Global Initiative 2010 Annual Meeting

TEDxChange, Hans Rosling and the Millennium Development Goals

Ozone layer stable, on the way to recovery

Supply Chains, Be the Change, and Narrowband Networks

CABE's Large Scale Urban Design Guidelines

Hot or Not? Designer Foods of the Future

Personal Planets and Megacities of the Future

Join us at Future City!

Scientists Collect Yam Samples to Preserve Critical African Crop

Resource: Climate Change and Bicycling

BioLite Stove: Jonathan Cedar and Alex Drummond's Innovation for Clean Cooking

Measuring and Marketing in Japan's Eco-Model Cities

Radical Collaboration, paraSITE, and Dalhalla

Soft Systems: Exploring How Extreme Events Push Design

New Study Shows Global Warming is a Winnable War with Proper Planning

Hiding Behind the Numbers

Design Like You Give a Damn + Preservation and Climate Change

(Un)Inhabitable, Locavolt, and Apocaphilia

Who Runs London?: New Guide Facilitates Transparency

Lumenhaus: Wins Solar Decathlon Europe

Our Car-Based Environments Are Making Us Sick

Humanitarian Design Projects and the Growth of Digital Fabrication

Kew Gardens: An Evolving Map of the Genetic Distribution of Plants

A Week of Biking Joyously: An American Delegation Learns from the Dutch

Media Tracking and the Quantified Self

Family Planning, Sustainable Research, and Dongtan

New Solar Trees Light Up Angkor Wat, Cambodia

5 Days Left to Submit Your "World Changing Ideas" Video

An Interview with Christian Kjaer: A Growing Wind Industry Moves Europe Closer to Green Goals

Subverting the LiDAR Landscape: An Artistic Exploration

Bright Green Youth, Mapping a Connected World, and The Girl in the Cafe

Must-See: Bill McKibben on David Letterman + Time for Action Now

Heat Synergy: Paris Métro to Warm Flats

Improving Water Systems, Conceptualizing a One Planet City, and Discovering Africa Anew

Networks of Small Reserves Seen as Best Way to Protect Fisheries and Reefs

Green Transportation Depends on Reining in Space for Cars

Pakistan Flooding: Crowdsourcing Solutions

A Symbolic Solar Road Trip To Reignite a U.S. Climate Movement

Land Art Generator Initiative and the Weather Field Project

Thrivability, Food Forests, and Recycling the City


Product-Services, Urban Innovation and the Death of Car Culture

Transportation's True Cost and AuthorAid

Bus to the Future: Inventor Song Youzhou Presents the 'Straddling Bus'

The Back Story

Link Round-Up: Energy Efficiency Curbs Climate Change, Smart Land Use = More Jobs, How To Encourage Home Energy Efficiency, and Designers Facilitating Social Change

Plumpy'nut Update

The Living Planet City, Citizens' Assemblies, and denCity

Upcoming Events in Design and a Call for Reader Reports

Arctic Round-Up: New Sea Routes Opening Up, New Infrastructure Imagined, and Canada's Taking Action

Untangling the 'Environmentalist's Paradox': Is It All About Speed?

Portugal Redux: Trade Winds and Sound Policies Push Portugal to the Renewable Energy Forefront

Crisis Commons, and the Challenges of Distributed Disaster Response

Residential Solar, Investing in the Environment, and Cargo Bikes

Passive Building of the Week: Lodenareal Housing

Big Green Boxes: A "Hub-and-Spoke Model" for City Farming

Fuel Efficiency for Low-Income Homes, Gapminder, and The Human Storm

FOUR YEARS.GO. - A New Campaign to Shift the Trends of Humanity

Climate Skeptic - Now with Less Skepticism!: Lomborg Changes Tune

Stealing the Future, The Ethics of Dust, and Networked Sprawl

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