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Seth Zuckerman
Seth Zuckerman
Seth has been writing about the relations between people and the rest of the natural world for about two decades, with a particular interest in the ties that knit together people and place along the Pacific coast of North America. Co-author and co-editor of Salmon Nation: People, Fish and Our Common Home, he has also written for Orion, the Christian Science Monitor, High Country News, and Sierra magazine, among other publications. Links to some of his recent articles can be found here.

After spending more than a decade of his adult life in the San Francisco Bay Area, Seth decamped in 1991 to a remote valley in northwestern California, home to one of the first citizen-led initiatives to restore salmon populations. In a town described by one of its residents as "too small to have its own village idiot, so we all take turns," Seth served at various times as volunteer fire-fighter, high school teacher, and organic-apple grower. For the last four years, he has divided his time between that rural Eden and the Seattle metropolitan area. Beginning in autumn 2006, Seth will be directing the Wild and Working Forests program for the Mattole Restoration Council, which seeks to restore the health of local forests while also renewing their role as a source of sustainable livelihood.

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