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Worldchanging: A Users Guide for the 21st Century is a groundbreaking compendium of the most innovative solutions, ideas and inventions emerging today for building a sustainable, livable, prosperous future.

From consumer consciousness to a new vision for industry; non-toxic homes to refugee shelters; microfinance to effective philanthropy; socially responsible investing to starting a green business; citizen media to human rights; ecological economics to climate change, this is the most comprehensive, cutting-edge overview to date of what's possible in the near future -- if we decide to make it so.

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In the middle of Denver, in the middle of December, you can walk into most any supermarket and buy a ripe mango. This has been true long enough that almost nobody stops to think of the remarkable distance that mango traveled or of the tree it fell from, which is probably enjoying a balmy tropical day on the other side of the planet. Proponents of eating local food balk at the ubiquitous midwinter mango. Why? Because they think about the baggage that mango flew in with.

"To build that future, we need a generation of everyday heroes, people who – whatever their walks of life – have the courage to think in fresh ways and to act to meet this planetary crisis head-on. This book belongs in the library of every person who aspires to be part of that generation."
– Al Gore

"The Whole Earth Catalog retooled for the iPod generation ... [Their book] is a compendium of everything a younger generation of environmental activists has to offer: creativity, digital dexterity, networking ability, an Internet-era optimism about the future, and a deep concern about not only green issues but related questions of human rights, poverty, and social justice.
– Bill McKibben
New York Review of Books

"Reads like a smart, hip mini-encyclopedia of what's new and what's next in green technologies and earth-conscious ideas."
– Business Week

"Read it: it may change your life."
– Elizabeth Kolbert, New Yorker Writer

"The seminal resource guide for anyone concerned about today and the future."
– Laurie David, Global Warming Activist

"Worldchanging might well be the most complete, compelling articulation of the possible look and feel and actual operation of a sustainable society ever written."
– Denis Hayes, Earth Day Founder

What's Inside

The Worldchanging book contains over 600 pages, divided into 7 sections which include a vast range of topics.


green design, biomimicry, sustainable food, clothing, trade and technology go>


green building and landscaping, clean energy, water, disaster relief and humanitarian design go>


smart growth, sustainable communities, transportation, greening infrastructure, product-service systems, leapfrogging and megacity challenges go>


education, women's rights, public health, holistic approaches to community development, South-South science, social entrepreneurship and micro-lending, and philanthropy go>


socially responsible investment, worldchanging start-ups, ecological economics, corporate social responsibility and green business go>


networked politics, new media, transparency, human rights, non-violent revolution and peacemaking go>


big picture -- everything from placing oneself in a bioregion to climate foresight to environmental history to green space exploration go>