Dawn Danby

Designer based in Toronto, Canada, after six years south of the border. I'm currently engaged with the Green Corridor, an urban sustainable redevelopment in Windsor, Ontario's rust-belt borderlands. In collaboration with artists and engineers, I'm designing a tree-covered pedestrian overpass, developing a retrofit demonstration eco-house, and aiding in interdisciplinary teaching.

I trained as an industrial designer at RISD, and quickly got preoccupied with the ecological impacts hidden in product design decisions. By comparison, the sustainable architecture movement looked fabulously well-developed and mature, so I spent over a year knee-deep in green building, policy, and eco-theory with the Fisk and Vittori team at Austin, Texas-based CMPBS. I maintain the sustainable/design/portal as a resource site for product designers, and am working to establish the Canadian base for the o2 International Sustainable Design Network.

Other hats: former and future art-maker and singer, viridian. I've built furniture with master craftsman Mark Macek, waded into (tongue-in-cheek) speculative robot design, and worked to establish the liveARTs program at the Toronto Zoo. I have a semi-secret identity as a medical illustrator for women's health publications such as The V Book.

Send email: dawn@worldchanging.com.

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