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Worldchanging relies on our global network of connected, informed, engaged volunteer contributors to send us smart, original, cutting-edge content from around their world. Our team of correspondents includes noted authors, activists, designers, educators, businesspeople, researchers and many others.

We are always open to new contributions and ideas. If you would like to pitch a Worldchanging post, please follow these guidelines:

  1. If you have not previously written for Worldchanging, please keep your submission under 800 words. We will not accept submissions from new writers that exceed this word count.
  2. Please write in the general style of Worldchanging. Our tone is like that of a magazine, rather than like that of an academic or technical journal, or like that of a personal blog or diary. We encourage clever, pithy writing that is clear and has a positive, curious and intelligent tone.
  3. Please organize your post to follow this general arc whenever possible: a compelling intro, identification of the main focus, analysis of why it's worldchanging (i.e., in the big picture, what need/problem does this address, or how does it change the status quo?).
  4. We also accept ideas. If you are not sure that your idea will make a good post and could use some guidance, we encourage you to contact us before putting your time and effort into writing something that may not be a good fit.
  5. Please embed your post with links to background information, company and personal websites, and other appropriate
  6. Please include an image to illustrate your post whenever possible.

Topics that we are regularly interested in (but not limited to):

  • Environmental sustainability and sustainable design.
  • Ecological and geophysical analysis and knowledge.
  • Global development and poverty reduction, with a particular focus on "leapfrog" development.
  • Urbanization and population growth.
  • Community building, community organizations and public health
  • Human rights and democracy.
  • Global culture, particularly the examples of media and creativity with a strongly collaborative element, or an innovative approach to addressing social change.
  • Social networks and networked democracy.
  • Open Source, particularly as a model for non-software innovation.
  • Emerging technologies, with a strong bias towards the kinds of technologies most applicable to the worldchanging issues.
  • Futurism, history and "long view" perspectives on current problems, with a particular focus on scenarios and foresight as a means of gaining better understanding of how these issues may evolve over time.

What we DO NOT cover:

  • Partisan Politics
  • Self-Promotion
  • Negative Reviews
  • Old Ideas, Products or Programs - unless there is a brand-new way of using or understanding them that has only recently emerged.
  • Please email your submission to Cameron [at] Worldchanging [dot] com.

    As stated above, all Worldchanging writers currently contribute on a voluntary basis. We do not have the resources to offer financial compensation. Worldchanging team members enjoy writing for various other reasons, including exposure to our broad audience of educated and engaged readers, and the ability to get their thoughts out to the world in an interactive way. We understand this arrangement cannot work for everyone. But if you are interested, we would love to hear from you.

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