Austin Leads The Charge For Electric Vehicles

The City of Austin is crafting a holistic approach to the implementation of solutions to the challenges of global climate change. Part of that work is being carried out through the leadership of Austin Energy's Plug-In Partners National Campaign. The good folks at Plug-In Partners are garnering support for the mass production of Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicles (PHEVs).

PHEVs are greener than today's hybrid automobiles through the addition of a rechargable battery pack. This battery pack can power the vehicle all on its own with comparable performance and much better gas mileage (since you aren't burning gas!). Current battery technology will keep you quietly moving around for 20-60 miles all on its own before you have to turn on the gas. PHEVs are recharged using any standard 120-volt power outlet. You can replenish your car while you sleep at night to take advantage of all that surplus west Texas wind capacity. Since the average commute only puts about 25 miles on your car, you might never have to switch a PHEV over to burn stinky old gas.

What's the catch? Well, PHEVs are not being mass produced by the major auto manufacturers - yet! Sure, there are folks who have built PHEVs, converted current hybrids into plug-in hybrids, and you can buy a battery pack to convert your car today. Are the auto manufacturers still not convinced a market exists for these new-fangled transportation devices? That's where we come in, with the help of the Plug-In Partners National Campaign.

You can help the Plug-In Partners quantify public interest in PHEVs. Here's how:

  1. Sign the Petition!
  2. Find out why Google is building PHEVs!
  3. Tell the auto manufacturers your company wants PHEVs!
  4. Plug-In "your city name here"!

The auto manufacturers are listening to the market. Let's send the message loud and clear: we want PHEVs!

P.S. - If you can't wait any longer, get your City of Austin rebate for your electric car, scooter, or bike now!