WorldChanging Canada's pre-history goes back further than October 31st, 2006. In some ways, you could say that what became WorldChanging Canada began on July 19, 2006 at 10:20 AM, with a WorldChanging article by Hassan Masum, announcing a week-long series of WC articles about Canada called CanadaChanging.

In his introduction to CanadaChanging, Hassan asked a question which still resonates for WorldChanging Canada:

Of course, we're WorldChanging—so why Canada? Well, case studies are valuable learning tools. Sometimes, taking a closer look at how solutions are implemented in a particular place teaches you practical tips, ones that might be left out in a big-picture view.

Some faces from CanadaChanging will be familiar to readers of WorldChanging Canada. Hassan Masum introduced the series, wrote articles for CanadaChanging, and invited contributions. Karl Schroeder wrote a science fiction story set in the arctic called Community. WorldChanging Canada editor Mark Tovey contributed a piece on Bike Co-ops, Trails, and Ottawa Cycling.

There was a piece by Dawn Danby on The Great Bear Rainforest, and pieces by Alex Steffen (WorldChanging executive editor) on the Canadian blogs DeSmog Blog and Spacing Wire. There was an invited article by the Pembina Institute's Amy Taylor on Ecological Fiscal Reform, plus excerpts from Tyler Hamilton's Clean Break blog.

This defines the WorldChanging Canada mix to this day—original bright green articles by an outstanding group of Canadian doers and thinkers; Canada-oriented pieces from; invited articles from leading Canadian writers on sustainability, plus reprints, excerpts, and pointers to, important green journalism and news.

Stories in the CanadaChanging Series:

This article helps to celebrate the second anniversary of WorldChanging Canada on October 31. For the month of November, we're celebrating two years of bright green Canadian ideas, models, and solutions.