Jordy Gold in Toronto Star and Metro Toronto

WorldChanging Canada correspondent Jordy Gold was profiled by the Toronto Star this week following the launch of OpenCities' Icebreakers. Jordy talks connecting communities, urban density, vertical villages, and $200-300 oil.

And on the cover of Metro, from left to right, Jordy Gold, Heather Gold, and Job Rutgers
Jordy Gold, Heather Gold, and Job Rutgers on the cover of the Toronto edition of Metro
Our favourite part:

He may not be the green Messiah but he sees dark days coming. And, amiable as he is, when he talks about what he thinks it'll take to ward them off, he exhibits the proselytizing zeal of a hellfire-and-damnation evangelist.

That doesn't, he insists, make him a prophet of doom.

"If you were a pessimist, you might as well just give up right now," he says. "All I want is for people to act like adults."

Read the full Toronto Star article here.

Earlier this month (pictured), Jordy and the rest of the OpenCities team appeared on the cover of the Toronto edition of Metro.

The photo in Metro Toronto, seen on the cover pictured above, was taken by Heather Buchan.

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