Real Change Highlighted at The Green Living Show

makower250.jpgJoel Makower, executive editor of, made an appearance this year at the third annual Green Living Show in downtown Toronto.

Some people ask him, ‘is this shift to green in the private sector the real deal or a passing fad’? Early in the presentation he threw out a list of hypothetical major changes that companies could be making. He then conveyed that all of these major changes are not simply potential considerations but were actually announced in March of 2009 during the darkest days of our great recession. Some of these changes include:

  • at&t —$565 million on 15 thousand alternative fuel vehicles (over the next 10 years)
  • P&G — Increased green sales goal from $20B to $50B (to reach this target by 2012)
  • SC Johnson — Fully disclose all product ingredients (they will also explain what these ingredients do)
  • Disney — Zero carbon emissions, zero waste goals (over the long-term; significant short-term targets to be met in the next three to four years)

These are the kinds of changes that begin to go to the heart of operations and that have the potential to lead to effective lasting change.

While I have yet to see many, if any examples of this caliber in the Canadian context, I do hope that our country's executives will begin to take note and not only copy these ambitious targets by find ways to outdo their American counterparts.

Photo credit: Anil Mungal

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