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Here at WorldChanging, we often have conversations about how best to envision desirable futures. Not just on how to collaborate on designing them, or accelerate development on the kind of technology that would get us there, but how to portray inspiring green futures that people would want to live in.

Alex Roman's masterfully rendered film, The Third & The Seventh, points the way. Architectural spaces, photography, nature, and design are lovingly celebrated in a way where each complements the other. Herein we find a ravishing portrayal of a the play of light and shadow created by wind turbines (7:24), an enchanting subterranean reflection pool with a green roof (7:57), and a gorgeous forest dwelling, seemingly self-sustaining (8:32). These have to be seen to be appreciated, and are just a few of the many visual treats packed in this twelve and a half minute film, best appreciated in full-screen HD with headphones or a good stereo.

The Third & The Seventh from Alex Roman on Vimeo.

Developing computer graphics at this level requires an enormous level of skill and dedication—see Exeter Shot or Compositing Breakdown (T&S) for a peek into the process—but it's easy to see how facility with CG could become a part of the world-changer's toolkit.

Hat tip to Jen Dodd for pointing out this amazing piece of work!


while i agree that it is a beautifully made film, i have to strongly disagree that much of what is shown is a "desirable future" and even less "an inspiring green future"! these cold, hard concrete edifices speak more of self-aggrandisement than humanity and have nothing to offer in the way of hope for a better way of living. i absolutely believe that art and design have to play a fundamental role in creating a new culture of humanity. technology can solve some problems but if it is not part of a deeper form of cultural nourishment, it will not be enough to change our habits.

Posted by: David Trubridge on March 10, 2010 12:53 AM

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