Jason Diceman

Jason has a passion for empowering citizen sector organizations with simple methods for facilitating constructive consultation, deliberation and decision-making among their many diverse stakeholders. He assists in the planning and implementation of large participatory meetings that lead to clear outputs, the design of affordable and effective community engagement processes and the selection and set-up of easy to use Internet tool sets.

Along with having a full knowledge of various engagement methodologies, Jason has created his own innovative paper based Advanced Dotmocracy materials and techniques (Dotmocracy.org) for conducting efficient polling and participatory decision-making within large numbers of people in a variety of face-to-face and out of meeting environments.

Jason has presented workshops across Canada and the USA, researched consensus cultures in eco-villages in Denmark and spent six months in Venezuela investigating their evolving participatory democracy.

Jason is a senior associate with the Deliberation Network, an active member of the National Coalition for Dialogue & Deliberation, and a certified National Issues Forums moderator. Jason works full-time for Lura Consulting.