Karl Schroeder

Karl Schroeder is the second science fiction writer to come out of the southern Manitoba Mennonite community (after A.E. van Vogt). Born in 1962, Karl grew up in a household full of books; his mother published two novels when he was young so he always thought of publishing as a natural career choice. He moved to Toronto in 1986 to pursue a dream of being a novelist, and now lives there with his wife and daughter.

Karl has been a fixture in the Canadian SF writing community since the late 1980s, establishing a growing reputation with acclaimed and award-winning short stories. Since his first appearance in the American market, he has enjoyed continued and increasing success. His previous novels, Ventus (2000) and Permanence (2002), received a New York Times notable selection and the Aurora Award for Best Novel, respectively.

One of the pioneers of the Canadian SF community, Karl is both a founding member and a former president of SF Canada, the national organization for speculative fiction and its writers. He also paved the way for using the internet to bring SF writers together and foster on-line community by creating listservers for global and national organizations such as Clarion, the highly regarded science fiction writers workshop in the U.S. Currently Karl divides his time between writing fiction and consulting on Future Studies for clients such as the Canadian government and army.

Karl writes hard science fiction with a humanist twist, focusing not just on technology and discovery but on the human costs of technological development.