Mark Tovey

Based in Ottawa, Worldchanging Canada editor Mark Tovey got his undergraduate training at Western in English & Linguistics, and Computer Science with Psychology. He is completing his doctoral work in Cognitive Science, studying, among other things, how mass collaboration can be used to tackle large-scale social and environmental problems. He recently collaborated on a peer-reviewed paper with Hassan Masum (Masum, H. & Tovey, M. 'Given enough minds...: Bridging the ingenuity gap".' First Monday, vol. 11, iss. 7, 2006.) examining how open source programming techniques could be applied to large-scale problem-solving. This autumn, Mark co-presented at OSCON Europe on how this activity might be scaled up to encompass large numbers of participants (September 2006. Masum, H. & Tovey, M. Scaling Up Open Source Problem Solving. OSCON Europe, Brussels). In 2005, Mark gave a talk at the Bank of Canada, looking at ways in which diverse minds working together produce better solutions (28 June 2005. Tovey, M. 'Tapping into Diversity for Better Decisions.' Bank of Canada, Ottawa). He is currently involved in creating real-world tools to develop these ideas further.

In 2005 and 2006 Mark was a researcher on the Cybercartography and the New Economy project, helping to build a virtual atlas of Antarctica. In 2006, he played a key role in organizing the Ottawa peak oil forum, an all-day think-tank at Ottawa City Hall, attended by more than two hundred people.

Mark has lectured and published in theatre history, and written and produced his own one-man show. His two plays, 'Play on Words', and 'How to Become Ridiculously Cultured in One Evening,' have each been produced five times.

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