EcoModa: The Sustainable Fashion Showcase

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In pursuit of an eco-friendly life, many people are examining energy use, food cultivation and our resource consumption. EcoModa: The Sustainable Fashion Showcase reminds us that environmentally smart options can be right under our noses.

EcoModa is part of Sustainable Convergence ’07, an event featuring a sustainable enterprise fair, music and eco-friendly food and drinks. The event will take place in Chicago on September 27th at the Notebaert Nature Museum and is organized by the Foresight Design Initiative.

One-of-a-kind designer pieces, off-the rack garments, and accessories will be exhibitied by Midwest and national designers and manufacturers with an eye for environmental clothing. Watch for bamboo, re-purposed fabric, organic cotton and more. This event will examine sustainable clothing below the surface, considering the product's lifecycle, labor, function and where the garment was made. There will also be DIY eco-fashion contest at EcoModa with the audience voting for the best outfit. Anyone can join the DIY eco-fashion contests and entries are even being accepted the night of the event.

“Design, whether in the form of fashion, architecture or other disciplines, is essential to achieving greater sustainability,” said Peter Nicholson, executive director of the Foresight Design Initiative. “Clothing is important not only in terms of its enormous environmental and social impact, but also as a daily reminder of the choices we make.”

The impact of clothing is larger than meets the eye. One-fourth of all the pesticides used in the United States are applied to cotton crops, creating a myriad of environmental and health problems. Manufacturing polyester and other synthetic fabrics requires large amounts of crude oil and releases volatile organic compounds, particulate matter, acid gases, as well as creating hazardous working conditions.

Solutions are emerging, such as recycled fleece, fair working condition guidelines-- and what will be featured at EcoModa on September 27th..

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