Patrick Rollens

Like many other worldchanging folks, I'm a journalist living and working in Chicago. At my day job writing for a local business magazine, I cover commercial real estate and all its facets: economic development, urban planning, finance, architecture and green design. Many spare tidbits from my day-to-day research and reporting filter through to Worldchanging's Chicago blog, where I've been a contributor since November 2006.

In addition to this full-time staff position, I also keep myself stimulated by freelancing for a variety of print and web publications. Topics of interest include arts, business, comic books and WWII history.

Since coming to Chicago, I've exponentially expanded my interest in sustainable development and bright green futurism. Direct credit for my involvement with Worldchanging goes to Josh Ellis, from whom I first read about the site.

In many ways, I've come full circle in my attitude and worldview. Growing up, my mother maintained a small organic working farm, and since we moved around rather frequently before high school, the farm (and the animals associated with it) was uprooted and carted across the country at least three or four times during my childhood and adolescence. I rebeled against Mom and her earthy influences during high school -- I preferred borrowing the car to picking blueberries and shucking corn.

But times change, and since arriving in Chicago I've become much more aware of the small world we share and my own place in it.