Denver Door to Door Organics

I have discovered a fantastic local business that delivers certified organic produce directly to the doors of Colorado residents. Denver Door to Door Organics serves most towns in the Front Range, as well as the mountain towns on the I-70 corridor, and some other places besides. Delivery day varies with your location. Since I’m in Boulder, I get my delivery every Monday. I buy only for myself, so I get the Bitty Box with a mix of fruits and veggies. It’s available as an all fruit box or a just vegetable box as well, and costs $22.75 with tax. Other boxes include Small, Medium, and Large versions with options for just fruits or just veggies too.

The other sizes must contain a whole lot of food, because this week’s Bitty Box contained a head of spinach, three bananas, two kiwis, 1.5 pounds of jewel yams, a head of red leaf lettuce, two Atulfo mangos, a handful of carrots, a pound of zucchini, and two Valencia oranges. To repeat – all certified organic. And all extremely fresh - Door to Door sources their produce each week based on what’s available and up to their standards. In season, they source from Colorado certified organic farms. Thus far I have been amazed at the quality of produce I have received – I find it superior to what I could buy at local natural foods or conventional supermarkets.

Now, let’s say that you look over this week’s produce list and find yourself uninspired by one or more items. No problem – you get up to three substitutions and can pick from a list of other available fruits and vegetables instead. This is all handled through their very well designed and intuitive website.

You might also decide that you don’t really want to get a delivery this week, because you’ll be going out of town. Just log in and cancel this week’s order. Each order is charged as it is delivered, so you can cancel your account entirely or switch from once a week to every two weeks very easily.

So where’s the catch? Well, as far as I can tell, and I’ve been a member for a month, nothing! Sign up was very straightforward, and can be done entirely through their website. If you feel more comfortable calling I found the folks at Door to Door to be very helpful and personable. They clearly love their work. I’m glad they’re doing it, because I love their food!