Nathan Acks

Nathan Acks is a photographer, writer, computer geek, and aspiring mathematician/social scientist currently living in Denver, Colorado. Academically affiliated with the University of Colorado at Denver, he currently divides his time between teaching undergraduate courses and working on his doctorate in applied mathematics. In addition to this and his contributions to Worldchanging, Nathan also maintains his own blog, The Practical Communist, and is an avid photographer.

Nathan is particularly interested in the interplay of society and technology, particularly the concept of individual and community self-determination. This phenomenon plays a key role in the emerging "Age of Amateurs" and has the potential to become a radically democratizing force within our society. While the free software movement is currently the most visible example of this process, its importance extends to the do-it-yourself (DIY) movement, mashup music, community gardening, and many others.

On a more personal note, Nathan refuses to own a car despite the obvious inconveniences, preferring to make his way by foot, bicycle, and mass transit. He also acknowledges that this is probably only practical because he lives in a major metropolitan area.