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Some Imaginary Cities

This weekend, let's make up an imaginary city. Since Worldchanging is about the redesign of our world, we might be able to find some inspiration by exploring some sketches of made-up cities. Los Angeles offers some great current art exhibitions that center around cities, suburbs, and the spaces we live in.

At the Sandroni Rey, we can slip into the dense collages of Soo Kim’s “They Stop Looking at the Sky,” a collection of imaginary cities made up of the layering of photographs. Her collection is paired up with a light installation by Mary Temple, which sculpts a forest within the confines of a gallery.

Sondroni Rey. 2762 S. La Cienega Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90034, Tuesday - Saturday, 10 am - 6 pm.

At the Richard Heller Gallery, we can wander through Amy Bennett's "Neighbors," a still and surreal oil-painted landscape of sprawling empty backyard swimming pools and four bedroom houses. This is perhaps what birds see as they fly over our Californian suburbs.

Richard Heller Gallery, 2525 Michigan Ave, B-5A, Santa Monica, CA 90404.

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