Report: WorldChanging Thursday Night Schmooze

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Drinks were drunk, talk was talked, hob was nobbed at last Thursday evening's gathering at The Magician to celebrate the release of WorldChanging: A User's Guide for the 21st Century. It was great to say a rare face-to-face hello to some of our compadres from the Left Coast: Alex Steffen, Jeremy Faludi, Tessa Levine-Sauerhoff, Leif Utne and Sarah Rich. From the WorldChanging NYC blog team, Cynthia Barton (Architecture for Humanity NY), Wendy Brawer (Green Map System), Mark Caserta (3rLiving), Patrick di Justo, David Leon, and Starre Vartan (eco-chick) came out. Also sighted: Ben Jervey (author of The Big Green Apple, [and maybe he'll write for us too sometime]), peakguy -- aka Glenn of peak oil blog The Oil Drum NYC -- Margaret Lydecker (Green Drinks NYC), Jill Fehrenbacher (Inhabitat, WorldChanging book and global site contributor), Peter Rojas (Engadget), Jill Danyelle (fiftyRx3 ), Michelle Bates (photographer and author of the new book "Plastic Cameras"), Remy Chevalier (of The Environmental Library and other endeavors), and Deborah Aaronson (our marvelous editor at Harry N. Abrams), among many others...

Thanks to everyone who came by!


Amy and David Leon listen to the hand.


Jeremy Faludi and Michelle Bates celebrate their new books.


Mark Caserta and Remy Chevalier, looking pretty in pictures.


Patrick Di Justo and Wendy Brawer


Starre Vartan and peakguy Glenn

Top image, l to r: Starre Vartan, Emily Gertz, Alex Steffen, Patrick Di Justo, Ben Jervey


Quite magnificent to meet the WorldChanging Team in person. Can't wait until they come back through town later this month. I highly recommend those who skipped the party to cancel all other plans, find a babysitter, and show up to the November 21 6:30-9pm Event with the Buckminster Fuller Institute. And pray we'll see the day the WorldChanging Team is awarded the Nobel Peace Prize! (Or, at the very least, a Webby.)

Posted by: Daniel Bowman Simon on November 6, 2006 3:39 PM

Thanks for the enthusiastic endoresement, Daniel!

Posted by: Emily Gertz on November 7, 2006 3:59 AM

Hi there - I am really interested in the 21st event- where do I go?!? to sign up??

thanks for a great blog and great ongoing effort! let me know if you need more post'ers

Posted by: natalie on November 10, 2006 4:48 AM

RSVP to WorldchangingBFI[at] See you there!

Posted by: Emily on November 10, 2006 5:20 AM