New Year's Resolutions: Get in Shape

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No doubt you’ve resolved to do some world-changing in 2007, but there’s also that old wish to do some self-changing by getting fit. Women and transgender people in New York can do both at the conditioning class at the Center for Anti-Violence Education on Mondays from 6:30-7:30.

The center began 1974 as a Karate dojo exclusively for women, and has since expanded its programs to include not only training in the martial arts (all taught by women), but classes for teens, children and workshops in self-defense, with the goal of helping women and transgender people to “heal from, prevent and counter violence.?

To make its opportunities available to everyone, the CAE bases its fees on sliding scale according to participants’ incomes, and provides free childcare during classes. Survivors of sexual assault and domestic violence can take self-defense classes for no charge.

Images from CAE web site.