Get Your IPCC Report on Global Warming Right Here

Looking for the big climate disruption report that's all the media rage today? Worldchanging NYC at your service: click here to download the document [PDF, 2.2MB].

Put it in local and regional perspective by eyeballing the NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies (based at Columbia University) report on "Climate Change and a Global City: An Assessment of the Metropolitan East Coast Region"

Image: "This photo of New York City was taken from the space shuttle (STS 039). The image depicts vegetation as magenta, urban areas appear blue/gray, and water is black. Just to the left of Brooklyn, Manhattan Island is in the lower center. New Jersey is on the lower left, Long Island in the right center, and the Atlantic Ocean is to the right. Credit: NASA, Johnson Space Center" Click here to enlarge, and enjoy that coastline while you's going to change.


Thank you for posting this link, Emily! I was wondering about that report...

- Amy

Posted by: Amy on February 3, 2007 4:17 PM