Count Those SUV's!

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I'll admit it, I'm a regular reader of Wired Magazine. Maybe it's the amazing photos of all of those new, groundbreaking cell phones, laptops and video game systems that keeps me interested. Tech blogs like to call those shiny photos "gadget porn", and I can see why. Of course, like the readers of another famous magazine filled with shiny photos of women, I like to say that I read Wired for the articles. Ahem.

Anyway, one of the main articles in this month's magazine (Breaking the News by Jeff Howe) focuses on the latest trend in publishing: putting the readers to work- aka "Crowdsourcing". On July 26th, much to my surprise, Jeff Howe appeared on the The Brian Lehrer Show on WNYC to discuss this new concept and during the segment, he issued a challenge to New Yorkers: go out there and count the number of SUV's on your block!

Okay, it's more than just an experiment. After all, with all of the talk of sustainability and planning lately, it seems appropriate to point out that the city is overrun with oversized vehicles. Right?

So, do you want to be part of this crowdsourcing effort? Click here and get your instructions and then get out there and start counting! You have until next Thursday to do your part.

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