PARK(ing) Day 2007

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Do you wish that flowers and park benches lined the street where you live instead of gritty parking spaces? Well, on September 21, grab some greenery and a roll of quarters and join your neighbors to turn parking spaces into parks, if only for a day.

PARK(ing) Day is a one-day, global event where artists, activists, and citizens collaborate to temporarily transform parking spots into “PARK(ing)” spaces: temporary public parks, and raise awareness of the need for public green spaces (that cool the streets, soak up stormwater runoff, provide habitat for small animals like birds and insects, and give people places to relax, play and exercise) in the urban environment.

Though the project is centered in San Francisco, groups in cities all over the world are planning asphalt interventions from Melbourne to Munich -- and of course in New York City. Click on this map to find around 20 locations across NYC where the event will be unfolding. Or sign up to register the space out front of your own building. And click here to watch a great video for inspiration!

Transportation Alternatives is coordinating the New York events, and the Trust for Public Land is supporting events in several cities across the country. PARK(ing) day is the brainchild of REBAR.

September 21 is also the International Day of Peace. What a great way to celebrate, by joining your neighbors and beautifying your community for all to enjoy!

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