Save the Date: Eco-Fashion Panel at FIT Nov. 14 (NYC)

Well, we can tell a trend is maturing when it progresses from the pages of Elle to an academic discussion. Here in NYC, the Fashion Institute of Technology (part of the the City University of New York) will be holding a discussion on green fashion next month. The participants are coming from different edges of the fashion world -- hopefully they'll spark each other to some good discussion. Details:

The Museum at FIT at the Fashion Institute of Technology will host an eco-fashion panel discussion. Time and location: November 14 from 6 -8 pm in the Katie Murphy Amphitheater, 7th Avenue at 27th street in the D builing, 1st floor. Panelists: Julie Gilhart, senior vice president and fashion director of Barneys New York; Susan Cianciolo, designer and artist; Britt Bivens, director of 4.5 Productions; Johanna Hofring, entrepreneur and owner of Lower East Side boutique, Ekovaruhuset; Sass Brown, professor of Fashion Design at FIT, desiger and fair-trade consultant. Musem at FIT website:

Fashion is such a huge economic engine, here in NYC and globally, as well as a consumer of resources, that it's an industry that can't go wholly sustainable soon enough. And what seems like some to artifice can drive major social trends. So even if you don't put much store in the pursuit of fashion, it's an industry to keep a close eye on in the pursuit of a bright green world.

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