NYC Street - Less Mean and More Green?

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On November 6, the New York City Streets Renaissance Campaign unveiled the start of a new vision for the streets of the Upper West Side, and they want to add YOUR ideas!

The NYCSR is a campaign to envision NYC streets reoriented to people instead of cars and trucks. Converting public spaces into public places, pedestrian plazas, more green space, and kids playing (safely) in the streets are just part of the vision.

Working with Jan Gehl, a Copenhagen-based urban design consultant who has successfully brought his public space ideals to cities from London to Abu Dhabi, the project has the potential to usher in a new era in New York, turning our streets from mean to green.

As one of the projects of OpenPlans, a web-based, civic-minded public think tank aimed at “greasing the wheels of democracy,” NYCSR invites your ideas and participation. Visit their website to learn more and get involved!

To hear more about the project, listen to this interview with project participants on WNYC’s The Brian Lehrer Show.

Image: A photo simulation of Grand Street in NYC's SoHo shows how the wide street can be reconfigured to create a pedestrian- and bicycle- friendly environment. (Sourced here.)

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