Onstreet Bike Parking

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Portland is rolling out onstreet bike parking to accommodate the myriad of cyclists who need a place to stash their bikes while they work, shop, and plot to change the world.

According to the BTA (Bicycle Transportation Alliance),

The concept is that on-street car parking is removed in order to provide convenient and visible bicycle parking. It’s great for bicyclists because the number of spaces is greatly increased; it’s great for pedestrians because there are less bikes on the sidewalk; it’s great for businesses because more people can park in the limited space, so more people can eat, drink, and enjoy the main street.

Hawthorne Blvd will be the beneficiary some high design Bike Oasis designed by Browning Shono of Portland. Jonathan Maus at reports that

Four of these cool, covered bike racks will be installed on curb extensions along Hawthorne Blvd. and will be a welcomed addition to PDOT’s bike parking tool kit.

With the recently installed bike parking facility in North Portland, I hope we’re seeing the start of a real bike parking trend (it’s about time!).