The efficency of multifunctionality: prices are no better in big boxes

I don't usually go to Home Depot. But I have a gift certificate and I'm wandering around this massive warehouse ~ this cavern of suburban development tools, and I imagine to myself - "I will believe the advertisements" and I will "get a deal." Bigger is better. But even my foray into the Home Depot-world satisfies my curiosity; prices are no better in big boxes than small boxes. I've confirmed it. In fact, the prices on certain fasteners and hardware for my hanging steel trellis were 4 times what I'm used to paying at Do It Best on Division in SE Portland. Nevertheless, within the mix of tools (which seems minimal, well secured, and for-show); I found the Rotozip, which not only cuts stone, but also will rotosaw and cut small metal pipes and other such items. So now, instead of a saw - I have a saw, a hacksaw, and a stone saw. I know I should join my local tool library... but we don't have one yet. For now I have a 40,000RPM 3 in 1. I'll lend it to you sometime.