Commuter Bicycles: The Next Big Green Thing?

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As humanity reaches and passes our Peak Oil moment, many people are looking for a more environmental way to get around town. How can we lower our carbon pollution levels, and still enjoy the ride home? How can we cut down on our car use, or even get rid of the car altogether?

One word: Bicycles.

While bicycles are often associated with children or spandex-clad weekend warriors in the USA, there is a new breed of cyclist emerging (bike commuters) and a new bicycle to serve that market (city bikes). Smart bicycle companies are lining up to serve the market with modern editions of this classic people mover.

One company that has committed an entire line to commuter bikes is Breezer. With names like Uptown, Villager, Citizen and Freedom, these commuter bikes are aimed right at the new breed of bike commuter.

My personal ride is a Cannondale Street which replaced a car. It didn't take long to realize that carfree living can improve one’s health, pocketbook, and sense of well-being. If I can kick the petroleum habit, anyone (who lives in a decent climate) can.

But if you have some money, and quite a lot of it, you will want to get a classic Dutch Citybike. Jorg&Olif are the new players on the block. From their headquarters in Vancouver, Canada they import the “Bentlys” of classic dutch citybikes to North America. The goal is to get beyond the environmentally-conscious set, and to reach the fashion-conscious as well.

Rob, from Jorg&Oilf tells me the collective seeks to offer…

“a sexy, beautiful machine packaged with lifestyle accessories (fashion + cool/unique bike stuff), package it like something so much more than just a bike (an experience/lifestyle/image), and go after the biggest market: people who don't ride bikes, do care about the environment, likely live in cities, and are fairly fashion conscious (that's most of us right?).

Is Green transportation the new sexy? We may soon find out.

See you on the streets.

Use your bell.


I give a load of respect to bicycle commuters, especially in SF with all of our hills! :O

Posted by: Victoria E on November 29, 2006 4:04 PM

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