Victoria Everman

Victoria Everman is a creatively versatile eco-powerhouse.

Freelance writer, life-long model, part-time front desk manager at Yoga Tree, and founder of the San Francisco Craft Mafia are just a few of the accomplishments you'll find on a resume about her. She's come a long way from growing up in the corn fields of central Indiana, but forgetting where she came from is not an option. Losing her father unexpectedly in March of 2006, months before her move from NYC to San Francisco, her zest for life and thirst to help change the world continue to flourish.

Perpetually looking for fresh ways to share her unquenchable environmental knowledge, Victoria blogs about everything eco on her website, as well as for WorldChanging, GLiving, designTURF, and SF MetroBlogging. Her articles on a diverse selection of topics have been published in variety of reputable magazines and websites, such as M+F, Yogi Times, Recovery Solutions , Office Solutions, Eros Zine, and Beauty Addict.

In her spare time, you can find her knitting, reading, singing, going to yoga classes, and taking long walks.